2017 – Taking the reins…

2017 is a year that will ask you who you are and then ask you if you truly believe that. ..and then it will challenge you to prove it.

Much has been written about 2017 being a ‘1’ year – new starts, new beginnings and so forth. Yesterday I pulled some cards as a general overview for the year for my facebook page (details of the reading can be found here) with the greatest sense of the energy being that we will be working with mastery and understanding of the Self.

The Self – the big ‘I’. The no 1. Putting a foot on the first rung of a new ladder which is taking us inward, not outward. All outward accomplishments this year will be a reflection of where we are internally and what we have achieved within ourselves.

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A letter to your soul…Dear Soul

There’s a theme running through my life and work at the moment of connecting more fully with the self, appreciating who we are and recognising the divinity that we are are part of, although even as I say this it is not really a new theme but perhaps on this full super moon evening that connection with the divine part of us needs to be more appreciated, more acknowledged so I am guided to ask: If you were to write a letter (of thanks perhaps?) to your soul what would it say? Why not try it and discover what you might be drawn to say…what you might be drawn to release, recognise and appreciate also about yourself.

Some of my letter is below.  Blessings xx

Dear Soul,

I don’t know where to start so I will just start somewhere and hope it leads to something. And really that is also part of what I want to express to you – thank you for always pushing me to start somewhere and trusting that it will lead to something.

Thank you for trusting me when I didn’t trust myself. Thank you for being the quiet patience in my noise, the watchful observer in my madness. Thank you for not giving up and for being more stubborn than I am. Thank you for ensuring you relit my light more quickly than I could blow it out!

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Who are You?

Who are we?

Do we know who we are? It might depend on whether who we are is determined by how we view or define ourselves or how we allow others to define us.

Do we call ourselves what we do? And if we do, then I would ask the question ‘do you only do that one thing?’ If you are a mum or a dad, if someone asked you who you were and that is what you said, whilst it might be a large aspect of who you are at this moment, it is not all you are. We might define who we are by our shape or physical appearance – slim, curvy, beautiful, plain, old young…but is that really who we areContinue reading

The Power of Prayer

When you think about prayer, what do you think of?

Being small and kneeling at your bed saying your prayers before you went to sleep? Going to church on a Sunday morning? Sending thoughts up throughout each day to God, Source, the Creator…?

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On Saturday I was fortunate enough to be touched by the energy, the pure grace of prayer; I was, along with some lovely colleagues, enveloped in the love and the sheer power that the energy of prayer created. The power of prayer can be immense and it is tangible.
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The Success that Matters

I consider myself to be successful…even though I have huge self-doubt…even though I have suffered from depression since my early twenties and every year, at least a couple of times a year, I spiral down into that dark pit.

Yet I consider myself to be successful. I don’t have an amazingly brilliant mind, a high flying career or a house on millionaire’s row – yet I consider myself to be successful.

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The Soul Speaks…

Quietly, softly, gently whispering…asking us to open the door and allow it to be free.

Asking us to engage with its energy and truth, it enables a sense of freedom that we might otherwise not know. It opens the door to a sense of freedom in who we are, to the grateful acceptance of that and of who we know we can be if we allow the soul its full expression.

With it we recognise a sense of purpose – and the unfolding of that, and the blossoming of who we are begins…

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The Phoenix Rises from the Dark Night of the Soul

Dark nights of the soul come to us all. Whether aware of their presence slowly growing stronger or whether they appear to come out of nowhere and simply floor us, their impact can be paralysing…and yet they are necessary and ultimately empowering.

As our soul cries out for acknowledgement of that which is holding it prisoner, we are given an opportunity to dive into its’ depths and touch its’ core… our core.
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