The Power of Prayer

When you think about prayer, what do you think of?

Being small and kneeling at your bed saying your prayers before you went to sleep? Going to church on a Sunday morning? Sending thoughts up throughout each day to God, Source, the Creator…?

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On Saturday I was fortunate enough to be touched by the energy, the pure grace of prayer; I was, along with some lovely colleagues, enveloped in the love and the sheer power that the energy of prayer created. The power of prayer can be immense and it is tangible.
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The Success that Matters

I consider myself to be successful…even though I have huge self-doubt…even though I have suffered from depression since my early twenties and every year, at least a couple of times a year, I spiral down into that dark pit.

Yet I consider myself to be successful. I don’t have an amazingly brilliant mind, a high flying career or a house on millionaire’s row – yet I consider myself to be successful.

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The Soul Speaks…

Quietly, softly, gently whispering…asking us to open the door and allow it to be free.

Asking us to engage with its energy and truth, it enables a sense of freedom that we might otherwise not know. It opens the door to a sense of freedom in who we are, to the grateful acceptance of that and of who we know we can be if we allow the soul its full expression.

With it we recognise a sense of purpose – and the unfolding of that, and the blossoming of who we are begins…

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The Phoenix Rises from the Dark Night of the Soul

Dark nights of the soul come to us all. Whether aware of their presence slowly growing stronger or whether they appear to come out of nowhere and simply floor us, their impact can be paralysing…and yet they are necessary and ultimately empowering.

As our soul cries out for acknowledgement of that which is holding it prisoner, we are given an opportunity to dive into its’ depths and touch its’ core… our core.
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It is your choice…

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world!” ~Anne Frank

We hold in our hands one of the most precious gifts we have in life – that of choice. Humans, more than any other species or life-form on this beautiful planet have choice – of thought, of emotion, of word, of deed…and more.

In each moment we have the choice of how to respond or react to the world around us, to people in it and, most importantly, how to respond to ourselves; to the stirrings of our heart, our soul.
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Time is the most important ingredient

It is interesting to think about the effort it takes to succeed in life and when I say succeed I mean to achieve what we desire to, be it practical, spiritual, material or anything else (and based on our own individual understanding of success).

We live in a world of everything being accessible right now; we live in a world of speed and a world where we hold the expectation, often, of instant gratification. In fact, media and some organisations encourage us to believe that whatever we want we can have, right now and that if it doesn’t happen right now then we are not putting in the appropriate effort or it is not appropriate for us.

Is anything really worthwhile, I mean really, achieved with such instantaneousness?
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Spirit…only ever love

I want to share a story. It forms the basis of what I know to be the absolute and totally encompassing love of Spirit….

A good number of years ago now – and I hadn’t even considered developing mediumship at that point in time, in fact I never really did consider it, it just sort of happened by accident on a workshop I attended, when spirit call, they call! – I was on holiday in Spain. It was very early September, weather was fabulous if you like hot, hot, hot (and I do J); scorching days and balmy nights.

As is often the case when the night is almost as UK daytime temperatures (!), I tossed and turned a fair bit and I ended up getting up at around 4.30 or 5am to make a cuppa. I sat on the balcony, watched the early morning and then padded back to bed.

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