About Me…

cache_2441857440Hello – and thank you for taking the time to visit my site. My name is Nicola Tonsager and I am a spiritual medium based in Lincolnshire, serving various spiritual churches, demonstrating mediumship through platform and one to one readings as well as taking workshops and running development groups but my journey didn’t start as a medium.

A little bit of history…

I founded The Angel Garden after starting to work intensely with angels. I was drawn to creating a site with my work with them in mind and I was given the name The Angel Garden.

The site and my work have evolved over the years – energies have expand greatly, with energy work and one’s spiritual identity becoming more widely recognised, accepted and needed.

Currently, I have stepped back from much of my work with The Angel Garden to concentrate on the path of spirit which is a passion, enabling empowerment and recognition that life can be so much more if we open our hearts and minds to all possibilities.

I actually began my own spiritual development with Tarot over twenty years ago.

My training in vibrational therapies began with Crystal Therapy after a profound experience with a crystal and remembering past life experiences. I went on to train in Flower & Gem Essences (essences are a magical experience), Sound Healing, Reiki, Indian Head Massage, EFT, Hopi Ear Candling and Past Life Regression amongst other things. And for a number of years I have taught Crystal Healing, Indian Head Massage, EFT and other therapies to Practitioner Level as well as running introductory and informative workshops, working with angelic energies and also with Crystal Skulls.

During the course of my development and building my practice, I worked extensively with angelic energies, receiving their energetic signatures as a means to enhance and strengthen connections to their energies. This work led to the development of a practitioner level course in Angelic Signature Healing™ and you can find some of the Angel Signatures on this site – please have a look at them, allow them to connect with you and allow your journey with the angelic realm to develop and flourish.

Angels are an enormous and gracious part of my path and I am truly thankful that my life purpose involves bringing their work forwards more fully into our human experience.

I have also gained immense joy from working with the generous collective that is the crystal skull consciousness. I believe that crystal skulls have been re-borne to us to illuminate our path and our past. They hold the energy of, and allow us to communicate with, a vast energetic collective which is guiding us into our journey back to light. It is my belief that so many are among us now because we have reached a certainl level of spiritual attainment and we are ready to fully commit ourselves to our path. Crystal skulls can guide us toward an awareness of universal conscious, enable us to integrate aspects of that energy within our own energetic system.

As crystals are borne out of the Earth, working with them enables a perfect connection between Heaven and Earth, strengthening our energy and our ability to connect with greater levels of light. May they illuminate your being as they have mine.

Although I still practice therapies, I do tend to work intuitively with these and they tend to be more of a spiritual awakener/energy shifting process. You can find details of specific therapies on the therapies page; if you are drawn to engaging with me in a healing session then please do contact me to discuss it.

More recently, Spirit have called me to a different path and therefore I trust that The Angel Garden is kept safe in the beautiful hands of the Angels.

Working with spirit, angelic and other energies, I am committed to ensuring that events are accessible to all, are exciting, and appropriate for the current times with its developing energies and changing needs. All of the work that I do. lead, teach or host takes place in a safe, supportive and empowering environment, enabling individuals to relax and achieve the very most that they are able to on this part of their journey.

Through my individual and collaborative work, experience and training I have been able to develop workshops, training and energy tools to support the individual as they begin to open the door to connecting with their spirit, recognising their unique and beautiful soul, and its perfect but individual journey.

Remember: There is no one who is able to do more for you, than YOU, right at this moment, right NOW.

Open the door to you spirit, recognise your soul’s beauty and allow your light to shine.

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