Waiting for the answers…

I am sitting at my computer, looking out of the window and watching the clouds go by – shapes and images creating, shifting, dissolving. And it occurs to me that if we look for something hard enough, we will find it. Yet interacting with the world around us, with the energy around us, should be a natural occurrence. Yes, we have to work on ourselves, opening our awareness and developing it so that we are sensitive, more sensitive, to the subtle nuances of energy, of spirit, of the angelics, of the elementals. However, when we are focussed on searching for something, focussed on hunting for that one piece of confirmation the likelihood is that we do not find what we are meant to but that we create what we want to.


Because it is our conscious mind that is involved in that process, with such focus, such determination that is can be difficult for us to hear our intuition, to hear spirit say ‘hey there, look up now, we are giving you the answer to the question you asked’.

And this is where sceptics have a field day – of course, we can create what we want to; we are energy and as such we have immense capacity to create. So when we are so focussed on searching for that piece of information that we look up at the clouds, for example, for 30 minutes discerning very possible shape, pattern, image to find that one that is saying ‘yes’, of course Mr Skeptic is going to confirm, via the law of probability, that if we look at something for long enough we are going to spot what we want to.

You know, this is not how spirit work. They do not ask us to look at one spot for 30 minutes waiting for that moment to occur. Because that moment never occurs. Because that moment is always NOW. There is no sense of time and space, as we know it, within energy, within spirit, within universal consciousness. That is the beauty of synchronicity, the grace of flow, the humility of our wonderful and wondrous connection to All That Is. It just happens. Without us searching, without us going super detective and hunting. When we are ready to see, hear, know or feel that vibration of energy, that resonance of love speaking to us then just at that moment, in that millisecond, when we have that instinctive need to look up is when we allow ourselves to see what spirit are saying.

It is not the planned moments of the conscious that enable the connection with the divine. It is that second of spirit catching our attention, drawing our focus to whatever they want us to see at that moment. And the message they give us is not always, indeed it is rarely, rational. We might look up and see a shape in the clouds that confirms something to us. We might look down at a moment when a poppy blows gently in the breeze and that beautiful resonance of red, which might be our favourite colour, appears brighter, more red, more alive than ever – that might be spirit drawing our attention to our favourite colour as confirmation that they are with us, that they have heard us.


We constantly want an explanation, a reason of why and how spirit and the universe hear us and answer us. There is no explanation that fits and suits all of us, as we are all different and we need to allow ourselves to understand and appreciate our individuality in order to truly see and know the unseen world around us – which speaks to us all in the way that we, individually, are able to recognise and understand.

Spirit will draw my attention to something that has great resonance or memory for me. If it has no resonance for you then there is no point in spirit drawing your attention to it as you will dismiss it and walk by.

We have to notice those things in the moment that capture our attention and make us wonder, make us think, make us feel – and we need do no more than trust that it is our consciousness reacting to and recognising a question or thought we have had. And we must do no less than trust that it is our consciousness allowing us to see the validation, the confirmation that we have been asking for. The moment that we dismiss that instant of connection as co-incidence, we actually tell our consciousness that we are not ready to work this way, we are not ready to see or hear in this way – we actually switch ourselves off, making it far more difficult for energies to work with us and to give us what we are asking for.

We don’t have to take on board everything that we are given – we have free will and we are given choice – spirit are there to guide us, to support us, to be kick-ass when required but it is always our choice.  We do need to be open to receiving those messages however. We do need to give thanks for that communication. We do need to acknowledge that connection.

Ask yourself this: if you were constantly being asked for support by a friend or colleague and you constantly did help them and they constantly ignored your advice and support– how would you feel and what would you do? Would you carry on regardless anyway?  I’m pretty sure my tolerance would give way at some point.

Luckily we live energetically in a vibration of love, with immense tolerance. Nevertheless, there are only so many times that we can be given the same answer  before the impact of that energetic connection loses its’ resonance.

Spirit never give up; it is us who refuse to see, to hear, to feel.

Blessings xx

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