Therapist V Healer?

I was asked recently whether I consider myself a therapist or a healer (for those of you that know me as a medium, I did start my journey into spirit with crystals as a crystal healing therapist).

Now I have an issue with the word healer because I do not believe in another’s ability to ‘heal’ anyone else. I believe the only ability to heal comes from ourselves, by wanting and allowing our own healing, by taking responsibility for the power that we have to heal ourselves and our life and sometimes by using the word ‘healer’ we, unconsciously or even occasionally with intent, enable people to disregard or not realise the responsibility they have for their own healing. We allow them to say ‘here is my problem, heal me please’.

In allowing this, in allowing someone to give the responsibility for their healing to us, we totally and utterly disempower them. We also set them up to fail because ultimately, the sacred and profound act of healing has to come from a recognition, acceptance and regard for their own well-being – they have to want to allow themselves to heal – as difficult and as painful as that process may be, and as we all know that allowing healing can be easier said than done.

Looking in the mirror at ourselves can be a frightening and lonely thing; staying with the ‘faults’, the ‘issues’ we have can, in so many ways, be easier. And how safe do we feel when we act as the carrier of our own doom by predicting that ‘well, I knew that wasn’t going to work!’ The sense of safety within that sense of familiar failure is comforting even in its increasing fragmentation and isolation of our being.

But we all need to start somewhere, we all need help to realise what is wrong and what we can do about it. I was blessed with indescribable good fortune when I signed up for my crystal course. I worked with a teacher, who has since become friend and mentor, who was totally empowering, giving, open and worked with the pure intention of enabling everyone she worked with to reach for their potential, with the understanding of the healing journey that that would take them on.

There was no ego, there was a total acceptance of who we were and a total trust in the universe bringing us together at that point in time. Every word was a gift and every session an opportunity to reach into ourselves for that sense of greater understanding that we were striving for, even though we may not have understood or realised that at the time. Did I learn about crystals? Yes. But more, I learnt about myself. I learnt about my ability to connect with my healing channel, stepping back from personal intent. I learnt about my ability to listen. I learnt about my responsibility, as a practitioner of crystal healing, to enable people to initiate and take charge of their own healing and the sense of achievement, empowerment, value and grace that that brings. I learnt the difference between doing a good job and doing an amazing job.  I learnt to facilitate rather than to want to do.

The difference between facilitating and doing is to enable someone to have the tools and ingredients that they need – it is about teaching them to bake a cake so that they can go forward with confidence knowing that they can bake rather than baking a cake for them, leaving them without the skills to do it themselves.

Most of the latter is actually not intentional, occasionally maybe but mostly not. The problem with many therapy practices nowadays (and with the huge increase in this area in recent years) is that people treat the symptoms. They balance energy but they don’t talk to you about what that imbalance means. They massage your back and release tension but they don’t question why that tension is always there – (and I am talking metaphorically here as my interest and knowledge is primarily in vibrational and energetic therapies). There is a quick fix of wanting people to ‘feel better’, and quickly, but without delving into why people are not feeling well in the first place. There is sympathy and empathy but there is no delving deeper to the cause – there is a figurative pat on the back and a ‘there, there’ and time’s up, same time next week!

Being a therapist in today’s world is so often a career rather than a dedication to service.

If we think about Reiki, widely recognised as one of the most natural healing modalities around – Level One is all about self healing. It is a gift to you, for you. And ultimately, you move through the levels until you achieve mastership and you become the Master – you start baking your own cakes. If we look at it in those terms, simplified I know, then it is the ultimate image of a self-empowering healing process and practice. You, as the practitioner, take someone through the Reiki journey leading them to their own Mastership.

When doves fly

At the heart of this is letting the client go. It is not about keeping them coming back for more, forever more. By allowing someone to believe that we, rather than them, have the ability to heal them we keep them coming back for more, and more, and more. Is that integrity, as a ‘healer’, as a ‘therapist’? I leave that one to you.

So back to the original question of therapist v. healer?  – and not to denigrate the skills of the actual therapy that is learnt, studied but to look at the way that we employ it in practice. Therapist or Healer – does it matter? Isn’t it just a choice of word? It is the intention behind the word that is important. You might be like ronseal – does exactly what it says on the tin. You do what it says on your tin – and you might do it incredibly well, to the best of your ability and that’s ok.

Or you might be the person that changes your clients’ lives – opening the doors for them to walk through their own healing, by teaching them tools that they can use themselves. And they will fly the nest when they are confident enough to trust in their own ability to take charge of their healing, not necessarily good for the old finances you might think (yet the universe has a way of working that out doesn’t it?!), but how amazing to see them fly.

Blessings xx

5 thoughts on “Therapist V Healer?

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    • Hi there, thanks for your comment and apologies for the delay in replying, the comment went in the spam folder. To answer your question – yes it does take a considerable amount of time although that is not the website it is just the writing. I am not as ‘on the ball’ as I could be with articles/blogs at the moment as I am writing my first book. However, the time and effort is very much worth it. Blessings xx


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