New Year, New You…?

As we welcome in the new working year on a crisp Monday morning, most of us are probably not feeling in a welcoming frame of mind! There is something about going back to work after the festive break that fills us with gloom and dreariness rather than optimism and joy isn’t there?

Why is that? And why do we give ourselves such a hard time for not being able to sustain that ‘New Year, New Me’ mantra that we start with such verve in the early hours of 1st January…

January is a naturally difficult month for many people. We are in the winter season with dark nights, dark mornings and often grey, cloud-ridden skies in between. It is cold and the sparkle of Christmas, although only short days away, seems to vanish in a moment as though it has never been.

There is also a natural sense of hibernation within us that we are forced to work against as life and living dictates that we are not able to shut ourselves away until the thaw comes. Children go back to school, work carries on as though the festive season never happened and before you know it, the ‘New Year’ feeling is but a whisper in the imagination of our past.

Calendar New Years’ are very poorly timed from an energetic and cosmic perspective. Very rarely do they actually fall on auspicious dates astrologically; the heavens follow their own path rather than conforming our designed and designated schedule of months, weeks, days, hours and minutes.

Energetically however, we have great power over New Year – all those thoughts radiating out into the universe, creating a wave of influence, CREATING the energy that makes the New Year the new start that it can be. Yes, we create that, not a date on the calendar that says at one minute past midnight a new year will have begun and with that an opportunity to start afresh. And yet even with the immense power of creative manifestation that we have at our disposable, the New Year mantra is not infallible. Different time zones in different global regions prevent the unique and wonderful uniformity that so many people celebrating, praying, promising, believing (and we do believe it at that time which is why we feel such disappointment when we or circumstances don’t follow through) could achieve if we all sent out that amazing energy at within the same time window.

Personally, I have always found the Christmas and New Year period to be a little disheartening and anti-climactic. It took me a number of years to realise it but my energy seems to close down considerably leading up to Christmas and it doesn’t really recover fully until mid-January. My ‘spiritual clock’ recognises the need for ‘down time’ and for me the festive period is it, as it is for most of us with that inevitable collapse that our bodies take advantage of to recharge as we wind down for the Christmas break.

That is not, of course, to say I don’t have other times of down time at other times – I do, we all do. As energy changes and shifts and as we experience various energetic stages we all have ‘time-out’ periods within the year to recharge, to integrate, to renew.

However, the festive period for me, is a regular period of time-out. Usually from about the mid-point between December’s full moon and new moon, I start to experience a slow-down. Gradually, over a period of about a week to ten days, I notice a steady decline in energy, both spiritual and physical; I feel a little bit more tired; my inspiration is less vigorous and my desire to work (spiritually and normally) is reduced. Once we hit the December new moon or a few days afterward, I am usually in full hibernation mode! I have little flurries of activity, enthusiasm and drive but any expense of energy needs to be followed by some rest or I feel wiped out.

I only noticed this habit by the way, through journaling and I heartily recommend it. We can make so much sense of events and occurrences that we don’t see a individual significance with when we look back and join the dots of our life.

Anyway, I digress. I want to be full of enthusiasm, energy, hope and optimism at New Year and I am, to a degree, but never to the extent that I feel I want to be or should be. It used to be a constant source of frustration and disappointment to me that I always seemed to feel the ‘New Year feeling’ two or three weeks into January. Until I realised why.

mooon and star

For me, the festive period is a time of nothingness, a time of reaching within myself and dimming the light and although I don’t do that consciously, I am far more aware of it now. I don’t switch off totally, some ideas and inspirations do come and some action plans start to vaguely form in my mind but the energy, the vitality necessary to create them on paper, on email, on social media isn’t there. I am forced to take a break, and usually a much needed one…how many of us (be honest), as much as we might enjoy Christmas also look forward to the time off as much as the actual event itself? With time, I have recognised the need to roll with it and not against it, which really does work so much better for me.

So how do things get moving again? I start noticing an upsurge in energy around the time of the January full moon (today in this case). It is as though the time of respite and recuperation has ended with the culmination of the full moon as we move through the waning phase to new moon, it is as though the plugs get put back in sockets and the sockets are switched on! Of course, it isn’t always accurate to the day – as we know the effects of the moon phases are felt either side of their exactness but how interesting is it to note that moon phases are exact wherever we are in the world. Whereas the New Year entry shifts it time, being specific to the time zone of that region.

Which brings me onto that potentially wonderful but often dreaded phrase of New Year’s resolution. Our calendar year really, really, (really), does not often support the creation of a resolution at the time of the New Year.

It is so much more powerful, has so much more substance, and so much more cosmic and energetic support behind it if it is created at New Moon. As with all new moons, the energy to create is supported; the energy to create is enhanced; the energy to create is flowing.

My energy starts flowing normally again from the January full moon to the new moon, at which point I am usually at full throttle and raring to go! I find that my intuition, my needs and my desires are far more clear in my mind, and in my heart, between the full moon and new moon period. It may just be me, of course, but with the chaos, busyness, madness of Christmas often it can be an effort to reach New Year in once piece let alone with great clarity about what you really want to achieve in the coming year.

By the new moon, I know what I want to achieve in the coming year and I know I have the energy, dedication, drive and belief to achieve it. I know that it is achievable, if not by practical thinking then by the constant urging from spirit.

So if you dread the New Year; if you dread that sense of optimism and new-ness that everyone else has and that you seem to lack, please don’t beat yourself up. Give yourself a break, perhaps you are more in tune with the energetic new year than the calendar one.

Take note of this January full moon and decide between now and the new moon what you don’t want, what doesn’t work for you, what you want to let go of. Allow the natural releasing energy of a full moon to work with you and then, come the new moon (20 January for those that are interested), then set your intentions for this year, working with the energy that is presented to you. What do you want to achieve, what do you want to differently, better, commit to, change? What is your 2015 resolution? And you know, if you don’t have one it doesn’t matter. Sometimes all we need to do is to welcome in the new year, the new energy, at the optimum time, in order to acknowledge our desire to flow with it.

Give yourself the grace of this ‘waiting’ time, this period of incubation as you move from the old to the new and allow this January’s new moon to support you and your desires.

Blessings xx

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