Deeper into the Light

I have been drawn to chat today about stages of healing, and as I do I must reiterate that this is my experience and therefore my understanding. It may well not be everyone’s yet opening ourselves to different ideas, opinions, thoughts and possibilities is part of the wonderful process of developing our understanding of our own spirit.

This discussion has come about because lots of people have asked me recently about past issues that appear to be coming back for them and they are wondering what they have done wrong or how their perception of previous work that they felt had been undertaken successfully has actually not been the case. The answer is that they are not wrong and that their previous self-work has been absolutely spot on!

It is simply that as we evolve, we uncover deeper layers of ourselves and we begin to heal and to release that which no longer serves us on deeper levels. In essence, we step more deeply into the light and when the light is brighter we see more clearly that which is not illuminated…

If we use the analogy of climbing a mountain (which I am sure most of us would find daunting, I know I certainly would!) – let’s be honest: how many of us would actually take those first steps if we knew we had to reach an 8k summit? I would be taking a deep breath before even contemplating it!

Spirit are amazingly intelligent, knowledgeable and, it must be said, the teensiest bit crafty J, and this includes our spirit too. They have an innate understanding of the frailties of the human existence and the way that our subconscious mind, our protector, and our emotions work. They know that we would be reluctant to take that first step if we knew just how far we had to go; we are our own worst enemies and some of us, probably many of us, would rather not attempt something we thought we were bound to fail at; looking at climbing a mountain which we have never contemplated previously is a project that many of us would see as doomed from the outset. So Spirit don’t show us the mountain; they show us a hill. We can all climb that, right? And then they show us another hill and another and so on, and so forth.

When we look back, we realise we have climbed a mountain.

However, sometimes in the process of climbing, evolving, shifting and embracing our Spirit self and our light we don’t see how far we have come at a given moment. We are drawn into the experience and we have a subjective rather than an objective view.  The same issue that we felt we had healed or released two years ago, for instance, pops up in our consciousness and we feel that we must have missed something, must have done something ‘wrong’ to bring that back up, must have missed our step or allowed our self to step backward rather than forward. Not so. We are only ever given what we can cope with and deal with at a single point in time. For most of us this means that we see a hill rather than a mountain in all its glory, fierceness and wondrous might.


It is actually hugely, hugely positive when we feel the same issue being brought to mind again (assuming of course that we have undertaken the initial necessary work and not just buried it in our ‘to do’ list!) as it means that we are onto the next hill; we have reached a new stage, a new level in our journey and we are ready to release, heal, accept, forgive – whatever it might be – at a deeper, more intrinsic, more profound level.

This happens with everything, not just with our personal healing. If you work with spirit in the arena of mediumship you will have experienced that moment of ‘getting it’, that ephiphanous moment when all of your previous learning and experience comes together in a moment of bliss, synchronicity and flow. YAY – You’ve got it!  – and it is not just you shouting ‘Yay!’, Spirit shout it with you J. However, once you have achieved it, you are then ready for the next step, the next level, the next ‘hill’. The flow is there but you are pushed further, you may feel as though you are back at the starting gate with lots of work to do; you are but it in no way negates what you have already achieved, indeed it acknowledges it.

If you work with crystals, you will have the ‘eureka’ moment where everything comes together and when it does you will realise that your knowledge of crystals is actually only the tip of the iceberg and you have to dive in even deeper.

Everything spirals and evolves. Planetary energy affects us and encourages shifts of energy (which is what has been happening recently and also I believe why so many ‘past’ issues are coming up for deeper clearing) and progression within and around us. Our energy responds to that and to other stimuli by releasing, adapting, evolving; by opening new doorways, highlighting new paths to move us forward and to help our energy shift to the higher, lighter vibration that it ultimately needs to reach. Our consciousness recognises this by bringing to mind what we need to be aware of in order to take that next, crucial step.

You know whether you have done the work or buried it. If you have done the work, then rejoice for it is being acknowledged and you are being encouraged to climb the next stage of your mountain. If you have buried it, then perhaps it is time to consider whether you are ready to dig it up…if you are being shown it, then you are ready and capable of dealing with it.

We all walk the labyrinth, circling, spiralling, round and through, onward and up – and everything takes us more deeply back into our Self. Blessings xxx


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