The Ever Onward Journey

I had the wonderful privilege to be able to attend a workshop this past weekend with Tony Stockwell and John Holland, respectively two of the UK and USA’s most respected mediums.

What was apparent over the course of the weekend, apart from their amazing brilliance of course (and I say that tongue in cheek as they do themselves!) was their absolute devotion to their craft; to the art of mediumship and the ever onward journey of the spirit – both Spirit itself and their spirit-selves.

Old open book with magic light and falling stars on wooden table

There are many professions, many crafts, many forms of art and of expression where we may feel we reach the pinnacle of success that we are aiming for, where we feel we do become the master that we seek when we initially start out on that long path of learning and dedication. There are also many, many paths where we aspire to mastery and yet whenever we achieve an aspect of such, a new door opens and we realise that there are yet more steps to climb and the mastery aspect we feel we had attained becomes a small achievement, no less valuable, but smaller rather than the anticipated big hurrah. Spirit is one such path.

Whether we are working with Spirit, perhaps in the arena of mediumship or in other ways, or whether we are working with our spirit, learning to allow its expression – both or all, Spirit is the field of the unseen that becomes seen only in stages; it is the unknown ocean that only as we start to dive deep do we realise the magnificent and amazing depths to which it extends, and to which we begin to understand, as we become immersed in our journey, we will never fully know in this physical lifetime.

Why then even start? And yet the question should be ‘how can we not?’. For working with and exploring Spirit in whichever way that you do, and believe me you DO even if you do not yet realise it, is the stuff of magic and miracles, the stuff of gold and sparkling stars – yet not without you but WITHIN YOU. For every step that you take toward Spirit and with Spirit, they take two toward you.

Yes, the journey never ends; the learning never ends; the hard work that you put in because you want to do your best for Spirit and for your spirit never ends – and the really amazing, beautiful, most splendid and magnificent thing is that you realise that you never ever want it to. You never want your learning to be complete, you never want your destination to be in sight for every new step, every new unfoldment, every new challenge and possibility expands the love, grace and excitement that working with Spirit brings. There is no end to the expansiveness of spirit and the more we dive into their ocean the more we realise that their ocean is the ocean of life and love that sustains us always.

If we can but commit ourselves to diving in freely and allowing the unfoldment of our spirit, with its ever onward journey then life is never over, simply beginning again in each moment with each moment holding a potential more brilliant than the next.

With that, how can we ever be anything except humbled and awed by the amazingness of Spirit and the amazingness of our spirit as we embrace its partnership with the physical? The devotion to the learning, to the craft, whatever your craft may be, is the devotion to Spirit; it is the devotion to our spirit; it is the devotion to ourselves at our highest and purest level of being and it is grace itself.

Blessings xx

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