Hello to hibernating…

Dark mornings, dreary grey skies, dark evenings. Getting up in the dark, coming home from work in the dark. Is this why January and February are such challenging times of the year for so many of us? Our passion, enthusiasm and motivation seeming to dim with the shortness of daylight and that darned lethargy finding it easy to take charge! But what if our enthusiasm and motivation were meant to momentarily dim?

If we think about the cyclical nature of life every season has it part to play doesn’t it? And winter is about mulching down that which has been discarded (or which should be), taking it deep within and regenerating it into something that can be reborn… a seed that can be planted and which will start to grow as frosts ease and spring begins to bloom. A natural cycle of life, death and rebirth that is utterly perfect and wonderfully timed.

Whilst we ourselves don’t always fit with the play of the seasons there is the sense this year that we should be. There is the sense that we should not be fighting this darkness, this grey nothingness but actually allowing it. Allowing ourselves to sink into that sense of inactivity; allowing our mind and heart to rest; allowing ourselves some brief respite from the activity, the busyness of life.


I don’t know about you but as soon as we hit January we are expected (either by ourselves or others) to hit the ground running rather than to gently find our feet and ease back into the stream of activity, chores, work that is life. We (humanity) have created a year end, a ‘wind down’ period and yet we don’t allow ourselves to wind back up before we hit the throes of life again.

And so, we fight against the greyness, the desire to hibernate, whether literally or symbolically. We feel we have to be ‘up’, be enthusiastic, be perky, lift others from their January blues. Often, the energetic sense that is with us at this time, is that we should be pushing forward. This year however, my sense is that the network of light and energy around us is actually in-sync with the seasons and we have been asked to slow down, to stop. There is a sense of clearing, releasing, letting go and it feels like a major theme for 2016, this ‘9’ year of completion, and it will be happening time and again as we move through the year. We must remember that in order for things to grow, we need to plant them properly. And in order to do that, we need to stop; we need to slow down; we need to allow the process – if we don’t then the universe tends to do the stopping for us – I am sure we have all seen that before! If we don’t we simply re-churn the old stuff as we don’t allow for it to be absorbed back into the earth and regenerated into something more appropriate for us – that takes time and accepting and it is generally something we are quite bad at, and I am no exception to that 99fd4b905d05cf9dbfd55aad510fc274.

Many of us are and will be letting go of work that we have done and that we thought we would do for considerably longer. We will be releasing relationships and friendships as they evolve. We will be letting go of dreams that represent an ‘old’ us rather than who we are today. We will be letting go of our thoughts and ideas of who we are so that who we actually are can begin to shine through more clearly, more authentically, more freely – we will be releasing expectations so that we can do just that. We will be releasing the concept of the universe, of Spirit and connecting to it as we will remember and acknowledge that we don’t connect to it, we are it.

As the late winter sunshine starts to glimmer through still bare trees, we will be starting to release entrapment (the sense of) for freedom of Spirit and in that murky place of greyness, in the womb of the earth which in her absolute darkness allows us to spark into a life we would not otherwise reach, we will discover that letting go doesn’t mean saying goodbye, it means saying hello.

Blessings xx


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