The Phoenix Rises from the Dark Night of the Soul

Dark nights of the soul come to us all. Whether aware of their presence slowly growing stronger or whether they appear to come out of nowhere and simply floor us, their impact can be paralysing…and yet they are necessary and ultimately empowering.

As our soul cries out for acknowledgement of that which is holding it prisoner, we are given an opportunity to dive into its’ depths and touch its’ core… our core.

A dark night of the soul is dark. It hurts. It opens a door that we might not have the courage to open without it; it necessitates looking into the mirror of ourselves with no cosmetics on, nothing to hide the dark circles, nothing to disguise that which we might normally. It turns on the light so bright that we cannot hide from the shadows of ourselves.

Yet in the grip of pain, of grief, of sorrow, of despair we realise a light that we would otherwise be unaware of. We realise a courage that we might not otherwise have realised we possess. And we accept a vulnerability that ultimately gives us strength.

The strength of knowing that we are still here; the strength of knowing that we can survive anything – and not only survive but flourish. In the acknowledgement, acceptance and understanding of the dark night of the soul we allow a phoenix to rise out of the ashes of our pain.


If we think of the emotions of life as a seesaw, it is only through experiencing the extreme of one that we can experience the extreme of its counterpart. Through extreme sadness we open the door to enabling ourselves to feel even deeper happiness; through pain we enable a greater connection to elation.

Our soul knows this and our soul ultimately wants to enable its free expression in this life; it wants to enable the potential of our free expression in this life and all of the joy and fulfilment that that has the potential to bring to us.

Dark nights of the soul come to us all. When they do, no matter the heartache or the challenge within them we must try and remember that each dark night enables the dawn that follows to be even brighter.

Blessings xx

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