The Soul Speaks…

Quietly, softly, gently whispering…asking us to open the door and allow it to be free.

Asking us to engage with its energy and truth, it enables a sense of freedom that we might otherwise not know. It opens the door to a sense of freedom in who we are, to the grateful acceptance of that and of who we know we can be if we allow the soul its full expression.

With it we recognise a sense of purpose – and the unfolding of that, and the blossoming of who we are begins…


A sense of purpose that fits like a glove, that we were born to rather than made for or learn. It is a purpose that speaks through every atom of our being, a purpose that we cannot (and even better, don’t want) to deny.

It is irony indeed that so many of us spend years searching for our purpose for being and yet here it is, within us during all of that time, simply waiting for us to stop and actually listen to that quiet (and sometimes not so quiet!) whisper.


So why, we ask, does it take so long? Why do we not simply hear the soul the second of its first urging? Well, perhaps we do yet we choose, consciously or unconsciously, not to. For accepting its call means that we have to listen; we have to acknowledge and we have to surrender. We have to hold the mirror up to ourselves.

In truth. In honesty. To both our glorious and our un-glorious self.

And we can only come to that in our own individual time. For the soul asks that we break down the constructs of everything that has brought us to where we are, of everything that has made us who we are, so that we can allow the truth of our souls expression to come forth.

Through us. Its’ voice speaking through ours, coloured by our experiences and yet seeking the truth and validity within them, for us, for our sake, so that all of our experiences have been worth that which we now are, that which we can now allow ourselves to be. The soul speaks and as it does, so we ARE.

When the soul speaks, when its quiet whisper beckons to your heart, will you answer or will you ignore? Will you allow or will you deny? Perhaps now is a good day to decide.

Blessings xx

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