The Success that Matters

I consider myself to be successful…even though I have huge self-doubt…even though I have suffered from depression since my early twenties and every year, at least a couple of times a year, I spiral down into that dark pit.

Yet I consider myself to be successful. I don’t have an amazingly brilliant mind, a high flying career or a house on millionaire’s row – yet I consider myself to be successful.

I consider myself to be successful because I carry on; because I keep going. I put one foot in front of the other, moment by moment, day by day and I keep going.

We underestimate the sheer power, grace and salvation of carrying on. We underestimate its’ strength and its’ courage; we underestimate our courage.

We underestimate its’ success.

One day, perhaps after many years of simply carrying on, of simply keeping going we wake up. We see where the bits of our lives that didn’t work at the time fit into where we are now. We see where the curve balls that we didn’t handle well (and that we berated ourselves for at the time) helped twist our path along a route we would otherwise not have seen or not have taken. We see where all of our failures showed us how not to be so that moving forward we could focus on how to be. We see where all of the crazy, apparently misplaced pieces of our lives, of us, suddenly begin to coalesce into a picture that is visible and vibrant with clarity, integrity and life. Life becomes colour rather than black and white.

We underestimate within ourselves the strength of purpose in keeping going; we underestimate the resilience of our soul in continually encouraging us to put one foot gently but firmly in front of the other.

If you are here now, carrying on…please consider that you are successful – no matter where you are in life, no matter your job or profession, no matter your relationship status or where you live. No matter whether you have achieved goals or aspirations that you had hoped for or not. You are successful and you owe it to yourself to recognise that…because you matter.

Every day; every moment of every day YOU MATTER. Each step you take forward, no matter how slowly or uncertainly, how trepidatiously or reluctantly – each step matters because you matter.

You mattered then, you matter now and you will matter tomorrow. Never doubt it. Never let anyone else inspire within you the belief that you don’t matter, you are not worth it or you are not enough. You are. Always.

And in a moment in time, when your step next falters, when you pause …wondering if it can be taken; wondering if you have strength to carry on, know that it can and you do. When self-doubt threatens, when courage falters, when fear rises up know that what you do and who you are matters and trust in that.

Feel your soul jump for joy as you get it, as you get that you matter; as you get that when you matter you allow your soul to matter, your spirit to matter and together as one being, as one light what your life force does matters –beautifully, challengingly, dynamically, individually as its’ light, your light expresses itself uniquely in this world, calling others to know that they too matter, knowing that every mountain is climbable, every challenge can be overcome or worked around.

When you look at life, don’t think about what you haven’t achieved or what you still have yet to achieve. Know instead that you are successful. You are here and that is the success that matters.

Blessings xx

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