The Power of Prayer

When you think about prayer, what do you think of?

Being small and kneeling at your bed saying your prayers before you went to sleep? Going to church on a Sunday morning? Sending thoughts up throughout each day to God, Source, the Creator…?

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On Saturday I was fortunate enough to be touched by the energy, the pure grace of prayer; I was, along with some lovely colleagues, enveloped in the love and the sheer power that the energy of prayer created. The power of prayer can be immense and it is tangible.

We live in a fast world – and not only in terms of the speed of getting around and getting things done but also in terms of the speed of wanting things and the desire to get results quickly. And in lots of ways we can get results quickly can’t we? But in other things there are no short cuts or rather we have to do things properly, regardless of how much actual time that may take; time that will differ for each of us, depending on where we are and what challenges or resistance we might face.

Often, and particularly on facebook and other such platforms, I come across people who don’t believe that affirmations work or don’t believe in the power of prayer and you know…every single time I have used an affirmation truly, properly it has had an effect, even if that effect has been to show me where I don’t believe in it so that I can work on changing that!

And every time that I have prayed, with the full heart and soul of my being I know beyond doubt that that prayer has been received by the Divine.

Our thoughts do have power; we read much about positivity and negativity and ‘monitor this’ and ‘say that’ and I am sure we have all experienced those moments where our negative thoughts overwhelm us – why do they do this? And why do our negative thoughts seem to overwhelm us far more easily than our positive thoughts can bring us back up? Because we are involved, that surge of feeling, the emotion caused by negativity actually affects us, it has a direct impact on us and because of that we lend a power to those negative thoughts which far outweighs the mouthpiece that is the positive in those moments.

I don’t believe that all of our thoughts go out into the world and create. I believe all of our thoughts go out into our energy and create (whether chaos or harmony depends on the thought!) but I believe that only strong enough thoughts go out into the world, the Universe, into Spirit or the Divine (whatever your preference might be) and create.

Because I believe it isn’t enough to simply say the words – whatever we are doing, whatever we are trying to create or whenever we are asking for help, it just isn’t enough to simply think the thought or say the words – the feeling, the meaning has to be behind them for our consciousness is not our thoughts. That which creates the power is not mental, it is the power of us; it is the fusion of our soul with our ability to speak (mentalise/make sense of) our soul’s desire and to bring that forth.

It is that moment of supplicanting ourselves to something greater. It’s that moment when, just for a millisecond, the light of your being leaves you to touch the Divine directly.

Yes simply saying the words, holding the thought can start a routine, can start to move us into creating a habit and into a place where we can start to connect with the power of what we are trying to achieve but to really feel and know the energy and power of prayer we need to feel it with all of our being, rising forth within us and when we do, we know; when we do there is no room for doubt.

For the power of prayer is tangible, a force in its own right and when we have been touched by the prayer created by our own being, we can have no doubt that that prayer also touches the Divine.

As with everything in life, the difference is when it means something beyond words.

Blessings xx

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