Who are You?

Who are we?

Do we know who we are? It might depend on whether who we are is determined by how we view or define ourselves or how we allow others to define us.

Do we call ourselves what we do? And if we do, then I would ask the question ‘do you only do that one thing?’ If you are a mum or a dad, if someone asked you who you were and that is what you said, whilst it might be a large aspect of who you are at this moment, it is not all you are. We might define who we are by our shape or physical appearance – slim, curvy, beautiful, plain, old young…but is that really who we are

And if we think about all that we are, do we actually know all that we are? Or do we only know all that we are in any given moment in time, based upon what we know about ourselves at that moment? Do we find it easier to understand who we are not before we can see who we are? If we try and walk through the door of who we are, are we walking into clarity or into a landscape shrouded in mist?


If we think back 5 or 10 or 15 or more years I am sure that most of us will recognise that we have changed radically or at least many aspects of ourselves have; our beliefs have shifted, our opinions and viewpoints have expanded and we may be both more and less than the person we were a while ago. We have not yet reached tomorrow so we do not know what curve will zip into our life then to bring a new question or a new thought for us to consider which might, again, change something within us, shift our perspective on life and on ourselves. We don’t know who we are tomorrow and in reality, we might also not know who we were previously.

We might know aspects of who we were back then but if you are anything like me, my memory has the capacity to remember what it wants to and to discard what it doesn’t! It remembers key moments, triggers, catalysts, the things that shifted my world on its’ axis but I cannot remember everything I was, and we know also that the subconscious mind has a great ability to protect us from that which it feels might do us harm including ourselves and our memories! Perhaps you remember all of who you have been or like me, you too only remember bits and pieces. Sometimes we remember ourselves before or after a certain point in our lives, a traumatic event or illness for instance. We know ourselves as a person with a burden to carry and we do not know or trust ourselves without it for in its weight we find the comfort of familiarity.

We live in a world where the what of who you are has become important and increasingly we need to turn it around so that the world doesn’t become consumed by the what of who you are but instead appreciates the essence of the being that you are. The essence of humanity and all its’ frailties that you are.

At every moment. At every stage of you. And that only happens by you appreciating who you are first and foremost. What if you were absolutely everything that ever was and ever will be? What if you are an explorer, exploring all that you are? A spark of the divine exploring all of its capabilities, experiences, possibilities and potential? And who is to say that you are not?

Ultimately, we do not know who we are; we do not and can never, in this physical life, know all of who we are for it is an ever evolving journey and more and more of who we are is uncovered at each step along its path.

Only in this moment do we know who we are and only in this moment in time. It is a glimpse through a doorway into a moment’s reflection of our soul. It is the ray of the sun shining through the open window of our heart and illuminating either its’ beauty or its’ vulnerability, its’ happiness or its’ sorrow.  It is the rainbow after the rain, shining its hope for all to see. It is the rain, the thunder, the snow taking us deep into the recesses of our being to explore an aspect of ourselves that we don’t yet know fully.

We only know who we are at such a brief moment in the entirety of our being and our time. Yet that is all we need, for in allowing ourselves to realise that we do not know who we are and in allowing ourselves to know too that is ok, we turn the key in a door that we did not even realise was locked. And so the real journey begins…

Blessings xx

With love to Larraine, Carolyne, Julie, Tania, Tina, Lisa, Maxine and Barbara xxx

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