2017 – Taking the reins…

2017 is a year that will ask you who you are and then ask you if you truly believe that. ..and then it will challenge you to prove it.

Much has been written about 2017 being a ‘1’ year – new starts, new beginnings and so forth. Yesterday I pulled some cards as a general overview for the year for my facebook page (details of the reading can be found here) with the greatest sense of the energy being that we will be working with mastery and understanding of the Self.

The Self – the big ‘I’. The no 1. Putting a foot on the first rung of a new ladder which is taking us inward, not outward. All outward accomplishments this year will be a reflection of where we are internally and what we have achieved within ourselves.

The message is to get our own house in order before we look to others or indeed even to global events. To do that, we need to look at ourselves – starkly, cleanly, compassionately and with absolute clarity and honesty, in every light and through every lens.

Most of us will have faced challenges in 2016 which uncovered for us things that we were not necessarily prepared to look at on our own initiative and regardless of how fearless we might feel we are, we all have moments where we don’t want to delve too deeply into our own shadow. 2016, for many people, forced us to on some level.

2017 is going to ask us to take what we learned in 2016 and to use it; to wield the sword of the self with integrity and with authenticity. Do we believe what we are saying? Do we speak our truth? Are we walking our path or simply talking it?

For some of us this means that the first half of 2017 will still be a clearing, releasing, letting go period, more of a ‘9’ than a ‘1’ – the difference will be that we will be choosing to rip away the deadwood rather than having it ripped from us.

2017 has amazing potential…but we have to own it. And to own it, we have to own ourselves and we have to own our life and the choices we make that determine where that life leads us in any given moment. There are no excuses – life isn’t someone else’s fault. Even with external factors, we have to own the way that we respond and the way that we move forward from unexpected or unwelcome circumstances.

2017 is going to challenge us to move even deeper within our sense of self; to truly understand our connection and partnership with Spirit. It is going to ask us to be truthful about where we are misleading ourselves and to get honest, and clear, about what we need and desire from life. Indeed it may surprise us to find out just what it is that we do truly desire!

Where we are building on solid, authentic, true foundations – felt from the heart and known with the soul, we will flourish. Anything built on unsteady ground will crumble – the plus with this is that we will have the sense of something being wrong or not feeling quite as it should and we will have the opportunity to pull the plug on what isn’t working before the universe steps in to do it for us.

Whatever we think we know about life, about ourselves, about other people, about our connection to the wider picture; whatever we believe and whatever beliefs we hold – 2017 will ask us to ‘prove it’.

To coin a phrase, it will ask us to ‘put our money where our mouth is’.

Yet it will give us the opportunity to pull back from playing a bluff, a dud hand – but only if we listen, hear and respond to the guidance of our spirit, the voice of our soul.

Do we know ourselves? Do we trust in our beliefs? Do we have faith in the co-creative partnership we have with Spirit and where that is leading us? We are about to find out.

Blessings, Nicola xx

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