Breathe Light, Live Love

Breathe Light, Live Love

An inspiration given to me by one of the trance energies I work with – Morning Star as I have named ‘her’ as the energy feels very graceful, very gentle and feminine in nature.

Breathe Light

What does light do? It chases away shadow; it brightens the darkest day. It lifts us to a place of hope when in despair and to a place of grace when in grief. Can we really breathe light? I believe we can. I believe we breathe it into ourselves, into our being, into our very soul. I also believe we breathe out light too.

And more importantly, I believe this is within our power to act on. I don’t want to be twee – I am, actually (yes truly), amongst all the ‘new-age’, ‘love and light’ la-la-las eminently practical. We don’t live in a world, or a country or even a county full of love and light so we need to be practical. We do need to do what we need to every day to look after ourselves and those who rely on us. We have to pay the mortgage, run the car, put food on the table and interact with everyone we come into contact so living the ‘love and light’ image – well it isn’t all that easy is it? (Let’s be honest here, we all have crap days and we have all days when we are as far from love and light as it is possible to be). Being ‘love and light’ all the time isn’t truthful either and if there is one (well one of a few) important things I believe we do need to do whilst we are here living this life, it is to learn (and to) live our truth.

Perfectionism is both, at the same time, an illusion and a truth. An illusion because most of us, when aiming for perfection, strive for an ideal that is based on someone else’s (or society’s) idea of what perfection is or should be. Perfection is a truth because, at the heart of who we are, is Spirit. A spark of the Divine made manifest in human form so how can we, in any given moment, ever be anything less than absolute perfection?

Breathe Light – something we have the power to do. To breathe light, to bring light to any situation, at any time by changing, shifting, altering our perception – sometimes hugely, sometimes minutely. Bringing colour to a grey landscape; bringing song to a silent heart. Bringing rain to a desert and seeing the rainbow… which only happens with rain. Knowing that there is a purpose in all things and that acceptance of the moment is what matters; knowing and trusting that all moments are perfect in themselves, and that each moment always evolves into the next.

Standing in the certainty that when we look for the light we will find it but also knowing that without taking the opportunity to look, we might miss the spark, that rise of the flame, that sign from Spirit that all will be ok.

Remembering that we have the choice to accept our mindset and remembering also that we have the power to change it.

Looking for the light so that it can find us and show us the mirror of the perfection of our soul staring back at us. Breathing that light into us and also out into life.


Live Love

Regardless of where any of us are at this moment in time, everything in life is love. It is either the demonstration of love or it is the demonstration of the absence of love.

Familial love. Intimate love. Friendship love. Companionship love. Spiritual love. Love of animals, of nature. Love past. Love lost. Love yet to come. Love in this moment. All of the other loves in between.

And…Love of Self – the most powerful love of all and not at all selfish for how can we truly give what we don’t have for ourselves? How can we truly understand what we don’t accept and know for ourselves?

Love is a driving force. Just as the absence of love is a driving force – driving us, often unknowingly, to be so busy…to fill a void that we may not even realise, at times, is there.

If we know that every path we take, every footstep we take ultimately leads us to learning about love, about an aspect of it – would that change what we do and how we do it?

We find courage in love. Love gives us balls. Even in its absence, love gives us balls – the courage to walk away; the courage to change; the tenacity to fight for what we need.

We also find humility in love, and grace. The humility to accept; the grace to forgive.

When we live love, we live life in the way that our soul intended – embracing all of it rather than shying away. Boundlessly.  Joyously. Weirdly. Zanily. Conventionally, if that is who we are.

Unafraid of our own nature and willing to experience the fullness of its’ emotion because we know, and trust, in our ability to sail on its’ sea – even if the odd life-jacket might be needed now and then!

If light lifts the shadow; love transforms the mundane into the magical; the ordinary into the extraordinary. And what is truly amazing is that we have that power. Now that is humbling.

Breathe Light, Live Love. Can we?

Are these ideals? Perhaps…or perhaps they are simply the words of inspiration from Spirit to touch one of us, some of us or many of us, in a way that opens to door to something – that is an individual decision we all have to make.

Blessings xx



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