LOVE – The Magic that Moves Mountains

Love is the universal coin, the energy that makes the world go round. Everything we are here for is about love.

Realising it, and also recognising the absence of it when that occurs, which it does to all of us at some point, in some way. In that moment, the memory of love, the hope of love is often what sustains us – be it intimate, parental, friendship, self.

Some people may disagree and believe that it is money that makes the world go round (that old adage!) but actually, even there, it is the love of money isn’t it, and the fear of not having it?

Love is the magic that moves mountains; the power that transforms; the water that nourishes growth and the honey that is the nectar of life…if we can allow it to be what it is and to work its’ beautiful magic freely and without the constraints of wants, needs or demands.

Love’s magic demands courage and it demands freedom.

Love takes courage. For all of us. Some of us are naturally more courageous than others but nevertheless love stretches our belief in ourselves and what we are capable of more than any other force in the universe.

When we realise our capacity to love and to accept love, we open a door to a journey to the very heart of who we are, leaving no door unopened and no stone unturned.

Love is the only force that is able to take us deeper into ourselves than we would fear to go otherwise. Love has the power to uncover that which we are not ready to see and enables us to face the world, and ourselves, with all aspects of our vulnerability on show.

Love opens us like a flower unfurls – opening us to all of the elements of this world just as a flower opens and then faces all of the elements of nature, both sunshine and storm. It is only through love that we are truly able to know ourselves completely for within love alchemy takes place, transmuting the known into the unknown, encouraging us to trust in the journey to a destination we cannot see but can only feel within our heart and our soul.

Love brings up every single fear we have about life – yet love also gives us the courage to face, embrace and overcome every single fear we have about life.

Through love, we face the fears we know are lurking and we also face the demons about to make themselves known.

The magic of love is that the insecurities and fears which arise within love don’t just play out in our relationships, they play out in all areas of our life – work, vocation, beliefs, self-worth – the magic of love is that it gives us the opportunity to see these, to recognise through love everything that is holding us back from living the truth of who we are and to work to move those mountains, to climb those hills, to ford those waters.

Love transforms and it leaves us transformed, forever. From love we will never emerge as we were before and if we are honest, we would not want to either. It cannot be otherwise. Emotional beings we are at our heart, and in a world that widely dismisses emotional sensitivity for rational thinking, love is the rebel that reconnects us to our heart and to our emotional integrity.

Love is the breath that gives us life, quite literally. Love is the candle that lights the dark. Love is the hope in a moment of despair and love is the moment in which time stopped so that we could truly feel our heart beating with another’s as one.

Whether this moment of love for you is with your lover, with friends, with your family – your parents, your child, your sibling – or whether it is the gift of self-love, feel it, know it and allow it with everything that you are.

Allow its’ courage to become your conviction; allows its’ voice to become your truth; allows its’ vulnerability to become your grace.

Love – the magic that can move mountains…if we have the courage to let it.


Nicola xx

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