Autumn Leaves

Darker mornings, sun low in the sky, twisting grey clouds and that sense of the summer having left and winter just being around the corner – we are in that moment, aren’t we, of Autumn coming upon us.

I’ve always loved Autumn – the sharpness of a fresh morning, the leaves crunching underfoot, my dog chasing around like a mad thing after leaves flying and swirling in the breeze, candles giving illumination to evening twilight.  Oooh, I get tingles just thinking about all the cosy loveliness that Autumn brings!

The colours of Autumn are so vibrant and earthy – reds, golds, russets. They are also very healing and Autumn itself is, for many of us, a profoundly healing period. I admire the qualities and resonance of Nature enormously – she makes no mistakes and there is a reason as the leaves fall from the trees that we begin an inward journey of reflection.

There is no mistake that the reds and golds, the bronzes and russets resonate with our sacral and base chakras – the chakras where we come into our energy and ground it, where we enable our power foundation to be solid and supportive to allow us to move forward and build upon, and with, ourselves from the secure belief we have in who we are. And we only grow our understanding of who we are by letting go of those ideas, philosophies, beliefs and experiences that are no longer who we are.

Autumn draws us close. Close to ourselves – to our spirit, our soul and our understanding of our path. As we reach and journey within, we understand the lessons, challenges and experiences that we have been through and we have the opportunity, with quiet and purposeful reflection, to let those experiences enrich us, rather than strip us. Through accepting and understanding we enrich our being and we are then able to begin the process of letting go of any pain, any disappointment, any hurt or anger or sorrow. We are able to let go rather than hold on. We are able to let go with the acknowledgement of the understanding that has been brought to us and our lives.

Letting go is never easy. Accepting, understanding, honouring, healing are never easy. Letting go isn’t about things leaving, it is about allowing what is waiting patiently for us to be invited in by moving our own energy away from that which is shackling it in the nether realm. Letting go brings freedom and the necessary space and opportunity within our energy for new beginnings, new ideas, new experiences to start to take shape. All it takes from us is a commitment to open the door to ourselves and take a proper peek inside.

Autumn takes that which has served its purpose and creates the conditions for Winter – for that period of gestation in the womb of Earth, the womb of the soul of each of us, where new life is manifested in the nurturing energy of the dark warm centre of life itself.

So it befits us and our energy to embrace Autumn, to work with her in letting our leaves fall. We can help ourselves by remembering the colours of Autumn – reds, golds, russets, bronzes, oranges. All of these colours support the regeneration and healing, empowerment and stability of our lower chakras. So often, we move to wearing blacks and greys as the weather moves colder and yet Autumn is not black nor is she grey. Nothing in Nature is a mistake – and the fact that she shows us how to work with her is just an aspect of the miracle of her nature.


Nicola xx

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