Time out…and time IN

It’s been a little while since my last blog – and it’s good to take time out, even of things we really enjoy isn’t it? Life in general gets so busy and moves at such a pace that we often simply keep on ploughing through and before we know it, we are running out of steam, worn out – mentally, emotionally and physically – and just desperate for rest, sleep and more rest and yet we never know when we are going to find the time to do that.

Interestingly something I have learned over the years is that we very rarely find the time. For something important to us or our well-being, we have the make the time. It actually tells us how much we value ourselves whether we make the time or not….

Often we feel guilty and yet we are not machines made to soldier onward forever without a break – indeed even machines get a break to retune and rewire! Just think about taking your car for a service or an MOT. Its engine gets switched off! It gets its time out for a much needed overhaul before it gets back to work ferrying us from A to B.

From an energetic perspective switching off is important for it allows and enables all the changes we have been going through, conscious or unconscious, mental or emotional (or both!), to be integrated. It is when we stop that we realise that those tiny seeds we planted way back in May, for instance, are suddenly little shoots that we can see. Isn’t that exciting?

When we stop, we give ourselves time to touch base with our soul. Are we still who we thought we were? Do we want to be? Does what we craved and decided to work for at the beginning of the year, five years ago, ten years ago, still resonate? Does it still make us feel excited to be here, alive and living this life? Or perhaps we have never been excited by life, in which case taking time is even more important – how can our soul speak if we don’t give ourselves the time and opportunity to listen?

It is only when we stop – whether for a moment or a few weeks or longer – that we also really realise the immensity of what we are part of. We are able to feel the grace and gratitude that flows through us and really appreciate and acknowledge it. We are able to understand and see the patterns in life. We are able to see where falling down enabled us to rise higher and we are able to see where failing encouraged success.

Of course in the Universal sense of time, all is all as it is now. Both past, present and future are simply there in the moment. It is only here that we have to look back to see the past and can’t quite see the future. And yet we can know it.

We can feel the future – the opportunity, the potential, the amazingness of it all as tangibly as feel the rise and fall of breath in our body. Isn’t that exciting? To know that all that wonderful stuff is there, just waiting for us to move into it, to move into being it, more and more with each passing moment.

So really, when we think about, time out isn’t time out at all. It is time in.

Time in touch with ourselves. Time in touch with our soul. Time in touch with our needs. Time simply being in the moment, in the grace of that stopped second where all is simply ALL and where we are ALL with it.

What a beautiful gift we have the opportunity to give ourselves.

Whatever your faith or religion, and whatever you are doing this festive season, may the light of Angels be always with you and may the Grace of Spirit surround you and those you love.

Many blessings and much love,

Nicola xx

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