The Untethered Soul

The Untethered Soul

What is the untethered soul…

Is it a soul without limitation, a soul without obstruction? Is it a soul without artifice, a soul without mirrors? Is it a soul without fear, without hatred? Is it a soul without worry, with an intrinsic faith that everything will be absolutely as it should?

What is an untethered soul? It is your soul, free from the limitations of the mind, embodied by the presence of the spirit flowing free through it, with it. It is a soul in harmony with the presence of the being it resides within.

It is a soul that is continuously evolving, experiencing itself through the embodiment of the physical presence. Always learning, always developing, always growing into the being it is encapsulated within and therefore enabling that being to grow into its soul.

The untethered soul is the soul singing free, singing out of tune and revelling in that if that is its best expression at this moment in time. It is the soul dancing in the rain and not caring about getting wet, splashing in puddles and laughing at the sheer joy of doing so.

The untethered soul is the potential of all souls, it is the purpose your soul has in incarnating within you – to reach the state where your soul and you are so in harmony and so synchronised that you are as one. That its freedom is your freedom and that your freedom is its freedom.

When the sheer joy of your being shines through every expression, every embodiment of who you are. The sheer joy of you being you now, in this moment, no matter where you are in your life and no matter what is going on in that life.

That is the untethered soul. And that is, quite simply, magic. A miracle in the making.

Within you. With your soul untethered. Free.

Blessings, Nicola Xx

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