Daring To Grow

I love this time of year – the blossoms starting to show themselves as trees start to dance with life again, gorgeous daffs and crocus popping up with their bright colours to bring their sunshine to gardens. Birds chirruping away in the early hours, greeting the lighter mornings. It’s a time of year when life seems to open up to us once more, gifting us with a sense of optimism and welcoming us into the potential of her open arms.

Spring. A fresh breath after the challenges of a reflective winter and a releasing autumn. A time of opportunity, of dreams beckoning and of us reaching out to embrace our potential.

This Spring is a little bit different for me as I am about to embark on Dare To Grow’s Online Course – a real deep dive into the self, into purpose, into passionate self-development and so much more.

I joined the course last year, and it was a life changing experience for me because it was a self-changing experience for me, leading me to look at who I was, where I was, where I wanted to be and what I need to change, release and transform to get there. So I am really excited to be going through the course again,  to discover just what transformation it will enable me to uncover this time and how it will enable me to grow even further into my purpose and express my passion.

Which brings me onto the main purpose for this blog – no matter what, we are always changing. We can’t stop it. Change is a natural part of life, everything changes; we change from spirit to human and back to spirit which is the most transformative change of all.

Indeed, in every single moment we are changing in the most basic way as we are ageing.

Change is an intrinsic and unavoidable part of life. And change is an intrinsic and unavoidable part of us. Change is mandatory; growth is an option.


Life always bring us back to ourselves – whatever we experience in life, it always teaches us about ourselves. It teaches us about where we are becoming and where we are denying. Life teaches us about what we are embracing and what we are rejecting. Life teaches us about us – it spirals back to us time and time again, no matter where we are ‘externally’ heading, the journey is always internal.

When we look at it that way, then change makes sense doesn’t it? For how can we learn about ourselves if things stay the same? How can we learn about our limitations, our barriers, our boundaries if they are never stretched? How can we learn about our potential, our courage, our capabilities if we are never challenged to reach beyond what we know?

Change is mandatory; if we don’t embrace it, it happens anyway (we all know that one!). Growth though, that is our choice – we can chose to step into it, we can choose to step into ourselves. It is within our gift, within our reach. It may not be easy but it is the amazing pay-off of change. Wow. What a gift.

Blessings xx

P.S. If you interested in Dare To Grow, then check out their FB page, there is loads of amazing content on there as well as details of The Online Course: https://www.facebook.com/daretogrowuk/

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