The Journey

I’ve just returned from a weekend in the North Yorkshire Moors where I have had the privilege of hosting a trance mediumship weekend with a group of wonderful people and, of course, with the amazing presence of spirit.

After weekends such as these I always find myself reflecting during the journey back home – it’s my space, it’s time when I am just with myself, driving along and where time is suspended in some way – I am sure we have all that that feeling when driving a distance.

Recently, with all of the spirit work I have undertaken there has been a theme of personal/ self development alongside the spiritual/ mediumship development. I have always thought this to be case but recently (perhaps with the strength of conflicting energies and challenges that seem to have presented themselves to so many of us over the past few months) this has been even more present, and it becomes ever more important that we acknowledge the importance of our personal development and how it weaves, intertwines and meanders its way through the development of our spiritual work.

Silver Birch, through Maurice Barbanell said ‘From Spirit, Through Spirit, To Spirit’ – within mediumship we look at this as the loved one in the Spirit world (from Spiritworking through the medium (through Spirit) giving the evidence and message to the loved one in this world (to Spirit).


So from Spirit through our spirit – and we are the filter for our spirit  – we are the filter for Spirit as it seeks to express itself and that is why everything mirrors along our spiritual path our experience in life – our personal path. Our fears in life, for instance, affect our ability to allow within our mediumship, and that is why our personal development is so important if we want to develop our mediumship (or other spiritual work) to its fullest expression, its fullest potential.

We are Spirit, exploring its fullest potential, trying to express itself through our spirit. Spirit expressing itself through the human landscape to better understand itself and to enable humanity to better understand itself.

Spirals have always been a visual that comes to me when I try and express how we learn, heal, evolve etc – we move through and up and around, going outside of ourselves (apparently) and even appearing to move backwards and yet, in actuality, as I have said before, we are always moving deeper within ourselves – to a deeper, more open, more honest understanding and expression of our truth, of who we are and how we can express that.

We cannot reach the potential of our spiritual or mediumistic development if we are not willing to reach for the potential of who we are for the Spirit cannot express itself fully through a lens that filters out the necessary balance to light, to harmony, to joy, to love.

We hear the phrase ‘It is not the destination that is important, it is the journey’ – and that is correct except that we are the journey. This is what we don’t realise and this is what takes time to realise.

We are the journey. We are the road we are travelling, we are the learning, the challenge, the love, the hurt we experience upon that road. We are the journey.

In life, we may go on a journey of experiences, of experience life but in essence we are the journey. Isn’t that incredible?

Blessings, Nicola xx

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