How ARE you?

We live in a fast world, don’t we, and a world that just seems to be getting faster. More demands on our time, more things to do within the time that we have but no extra time to do it. Technology to help and support us, to save us time but actually it doesn’t because  what happens is that another task is created to use up that ‘spare’ time, another thing to add to the ever un-unending ‘to-do’ list.

As the list grows and we have less time for ourselves we become less ourselves and more like an automaton, switched onto autopilot just to get through the day, the week, the month, the year and eventually our life. Living a life that we haven’t actually lived because we are so switched off from ourselves that we don’t taste of life.

How many times do you walk into your office, into your job, see a friend, a colleague when out and about and ask ‘How are you?’ really wanting to know the answer? How many times does someone ask you the question and you reply ‘fine, thanks’ because that is what you expect they want to hear?

When, really, you are dying inside? You are screaming because the soul that is alive and pulsing within you, that is singing its heart out to fill your life with its’ joyful expression, with your joyful expression, is being slowly strangled into silence amid the layers of burden, the straight-jacket of responsibilities and life-killing routine.

Do you even answer ‘fine, thanks’ because you actually believe you are?

We shut down with the pain of life – with loss, with despair, through broken hearts, unbelievable grief and sorrow. We shut down because life seems just to painful to bear sometimes, we get caught up in a whirl of ‘I should’, ‘I have to’, ‘I must’ rather than looking for ‘I would really like to’…and yet the saviour is not closing down, is not shutting our hearts and souls away where we can’t hear their urgings.

The saviour is opening. The saviour is feeling. The saviour is experiencing. The saviour is living.

Because we are alive.

Despite everything put in place to constrain us, despite organised social structures and regimented working lives, we are here to live. We are here to breathe. We are here to sing our song, the most sacred expression of our soul, of ourselves – no matter what it is and we are all different. We are here to add our voice to the choir of the universe, to be the instrument that helps bring its’ orchestra into harmonious rapture.

So don’t close. Don’t turn your eyes away from the light – its’ radiance won’t blind you. It will illuminate you, lift you, provide a space and a tool to look deep inside yourself and to know that you are a vibrant, magnificent part of this incredible experience called life.

Don’t close. Open. Open. Stay open.

Start simply – express who you are, express how you are.

When someone say ‘How are you?’, answer with your truth, whatever that is at that moment. When you ask someone how they are, encourage them by the openness of your soul, to know that when you ask, you want to hear how they really are.

How are you? I’d love to know.

Blessings, Nicola xx

2 thoughts on “How ARE you?

  1. How true, the knee jerk reaction is to say great thanks or I’m good how are you. to answer honestly means baring your soul, perhaps getting into dialogue we don’t want to or feel we have time for ! Perhaps we don’t want people to know our vulnerabilities . That said that honest question to ourselves each night before we go to bed could illuminate the paths we choose on a daily basis. Even that takes bravery as it means we have to really look at our lives and where we are . How are you ? such a simple question but loaded with a multitude of undercurrents . How am I , this minute happy after a productive hard working day out in the sunshine where i achieved what I set out to do. It could all change in another hour but for now I’ll take that xx

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    • Hi Louise, you’re absolutely right, sometimes it does mean getting into a dialogue we don’t want to or perhaps with someone we don’t want to, and that’s absolutely fine as long as we know that – it is indeed about recognising ourselves how we are and diving deep! So pleased that you are happy in this moment and that today has been productive for you. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. Nxx


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