Journeying into Our Essence

Diving deep. Diving into darkness. Diving into the darkness within ourselves that we are reluctant to switch a light onto. Diving deep into our own psyche to shine a light into that which we are not sure we can deal with.

Yet, if we think about it, our eyes adjust to the darkness don’t they? When we walk into a darkened room if we give ourselves a moment, our eyes adjust and whilst everything may not be clear there is a hazy awareness that begins to take shape.

All of the work that I have done over the years and which I am still doing, leads me to one train of thought, one belief, one key strand of knowing in terms of our purpose here on this blessed planet, within this physical life – we are here to move into being, to unfold all of who we are, to shine a light into the darkest aspects of ourselves and to know who we are. We are here to know ourselves so fully, to accept ourselves so completely and to love all of who we are so deeply that darkness simply becomes a reflection of ourselves in a different way. Similar in part to how moonlight illuminates the landscape in a different way to the rays of the sun. Neither are better than the other, they simply illuminate different aspects of the same thing.

We are here to know ourselves so completely that we can touch the essence inside us without shrinking away from its’ power. So that we can touch the essence inside us without using its’ power in the wrong way – and that comes down to choice.

We are not the abilities we have though they may be many and wondrous; we are the choices we make and we can only make the right choices, the best choices, the wisest choices, the humblest choices, the kindest choices, the most loving choices by being totally within and of ourselves, by totally be-ing in harmony and alignment with who we are.

Else our choices, many of them, stem from fear in some way, shape or form – either consciously or unconsciously. And fear makes us misuse the gentle strength of our power.

By knowing ourselves fully, by unfolding all of who we are we learn to no longer fear our make up, we learn to no longer fear who we are (or who we are not) and we learn to no longer fear the consequences of choices or decisions that we make. We simply make a choice and walk the path it presents. We have an experience, we learn from it and it enables us to unfold ourselves even further.

It begs the question, doesn’t it, of whether we will ever reach our destination? I suppose it depends on which destination we are aiming for but perhaps the journey itself is the destination and we know that the journey never ends but always moves onward. We journey ever into ourselves and yet as we do, we also journey ever outward, experiencing our influence and our choices and how they impact us.

Walking into the centre of the labyrinth as we unfold our most truthful self and yet then walking from the centre out as we learn how to experience life through the essence that we are beginning to touch, know and allow.

Everything we come across in life either stems from a choice we made to act in a certain way, take a particular path or decision, or it is placed before us to enable us to peel back the layers of our psyche, our personality, our emotions, our mentality, our physicality so that we may unfold the truth of who we are, at each moment unfolding more and more and moving deeper and deeper into our truest truths until such time as we are able to liberate the smallest but most lightest part of our soul – our essence and allow it to shine forth unhindered and undimmed.

We are spirit. We are gold dust experiencing itself through a physical life, learning about its’ own frailties and learning how to manage the brightness of its light within a physical form; learning how to use the blend of thought, emotions, physicality and essence to translate its’ message of love and bring harmony to a discordant world.

Blessings Nicola x

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