LOVE is Everything

LOVE is Everything…that might sound rather twee if if was not such a strong and immoveable truth.

Truly, everything in life is about LOVE, because everything in life is about us. About who we are and about uncovering, unfolding, unfurling ourselves more and more and more. Moving more into our essence and allowing more of that essence to shine forth.

I am doing some work at the moment as part of an online programme, DareToGrow, that I joined a couple of years ago. This is the second time that I am going through the programme fully, and I am really grateful, empowered, and also somewhat relieved (!) to find that realisations I had about myself, my life and my work two years ago through the work of the programme are still very valid and on pointe today. They’ve refined, as things do over time, there is a greater clarity and what this second foray into the programme is doing currently is to help me refine, clarify and define even further. YAY! Don’t we just all love a bit of clarity!

One of things that I’ve worked on a lot over a number of years but particularly the past two or three is my purpose…allowing the sense and the feel and the knowing of it to unfold, to make itself known to me…and it is…to LOVE unconditionally. Sounds really simple doesn’t it? To be honest I think that when we actually dig down really deep many of us might find that our true purpose is actually something beautifully simple. How we live it might not be quite that simple though!!

Part of how I live that purpose is through the work I do with Spirit – one the purest forms of the expression of LOVE that we are able to experience in this physical life is when our soul is touched by the soul of the Spirit – it is why I am so passionate about Spirit and about our spirit. Touching that essence within, allowing that essence within to be touched, changes us. It opens a doorway that we cannot close, and if we are honest we wouldn’t want to either although at times it can rather feel as though we are a bit like Alice spiralling down the rabbit hole!

So why LOVE? And why is LOVE everything?

LOVE is everything

LOVE is the highest vibrational expression of energy in the Universe. It is that simple. LOVE however is not simple. Because LOVE challenges us with acceptance – oh yes! When we think of LOVE, or rather when we think of the opposite of LOVE, we might be tempted to think of hate or of fear. But actually the opposite of LOVE is rejection. Because all of LOVE relates to and incorporates acceptance. In order to LOVE, and in order to LOVE unconditionally, we have to accept.

LOVE, and loving unconditionally, always starts with ourselves. We have to LOVE ourselves before we can truly LOVE another or we will always, even if only subconsciously, be expecting something in return for or because of our LOVE. And when I talk of LOVE being a purpose, about LOVE being everything, I am talking about LOVE for everything –  ourselves, our families and friends, our pets, for humanity, for nature, for the earth.

In order to LOVE ourselves, we have to look ourselves bang on in the mirror (or in the mirror of life)- we have to see everything about ourselves and we have to accept everything about ourselves. Otherwise the LOVE we feel for ourselves and of ourselves becomes limited (it starts to contract) when we hit a roadblock within our makeup – something that we don’t like, don’t want to look at or don’t recognise about ourselves.

LOVE is an expansive energy, so if we feel contraction when we LOVE, a desire to hold on tight then we are not truly feeling, experiencing or allowing LOVE; we are feeling and experiencing the fear of rejection, a desire to hold on tight in case something is lost, in case we are lost – both a rejection from something or someone and a rejection from ourselves because we are not able to fully understand or process or allow in that moment. LOVE is an expansive energy; the Universe is constantly expanding…LOVE is the inherent vibrational resonant energetic expression of the Universe.

LOVE – the seat of LOVE, the power of LOVE, the serenity of LOVE that is deeply part of the core of our essence, is both strength and vulnerability. Because within strength, we have the power and grace and humility to allow ourselves to be vulnerable – we accept the need to be so and we allow it – we move into it, and that is part of the immense power that comes with LOVE. We have a certainty within our soul which knows that no matter how much we crack or break or shatter, we will ultimately enable and allow a greater aspect of LOVE to find its’ way through those cracks.

All of the choices we make either move us toward LOVE or away from LOVE. And we only move away from LOVE through fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of not being capable enough, resourceful enough, worthy enough and so forth. All of these choices are about acceptance – acceptance of limitations in some respect, acceptance about boundaries, acceptance of the moment at hand – where we are, how we are and who we are. So acceptance is an immense part of LOVE.

LOVE is Everything. Through LOVE, we breathe light into our shadows, into the shadows. We breathe light into the darkest parts of ourselves, our lives and our worlds and we illuminate them where we are then able to change what we can and move on or where we are able to understand, allow and simply accept what we cannot change, and then move on. As we breathe light into our shadows, we accept them – which also means that as we accept ourselves or aspects of ourselves, we release the fear of rejection (or the rejection because of one particular aspect of ourselves) because once we are in total acceptance we simply do not see or understand rejection from something external in the same way again.

As we expand into the energy of LOVE, we allow that expansion to touch our life, to touch the other people in our lives, to touch the world around us and so we start to live that LOVE that we are experiencing and expanding into.

LOVE is Everything and LOVE is in Everything because LOVE is a choice, most often it is a simple small choice in each moment, and that choice is within our gift to make in every moment. To choose LOVE, to choose to see LOVE is a conscious choice that we can make. Will it challenge us? Oh boy yes it will! Will it be worth it – absolutely.

Much love, Nicola x

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