The ‘Un’-Comfort Zone

You know, when I was studying to be a teacher I was surrounded by people who were either teaching cooking on NVQ courses or teaching mechanics…what was I on the course teaching.. Crystal therapy! 😁

Yes at the time , wayyyy back when (!), I was undertaking my CertED. I was teaching Crystal Therapy and Reiki and so naturally when applying for a place on the University of Hudderfield’s CertEd Programme, I had to apply with what I was already teaching because you a)have to be able to undertake teaching sessions and have them observed and moderated as part of the course and you also had to be able to teach micro sessions to the other students so you HAD to apply with what you were already teaching.

Can you imagine it…professional cooks discussing health and safety in the kitchen, the do’s and don’t’s of knives, food prep, cooking…and me taking about energy, chakras and how crystals realign and support our energetic system…

Imagine some more…a micro teaching session…where I am demonstrating how we can use crystal pendulums to dowse and identify the flow of energy of our chakras and teaching that to BIG, BURLY MECHANICS 😂


But you know what – every single one of those wonderful chaps, had their jaws drop to the ground when the crystal pendulum they were working with suddenly started moving WITHOUT THEM MOVING IT! That moment was priceless, and amazing and absolutely wonderful – more so because none of them were expecting it at all. It was incredible for me but it was also incredible for them…

Incredible for them because they suddenly realised that there were things that we simply couldn’t rationally explain and it started to open their minds and hearts – one of them even said to me on the next session that he sat down with his wife that evening and they talked in a way they never had before – how AMAZING is that?

And incredible for me because by standing in my OWN TRUTH, teaching what I KNOW, teaching what I had EXPERIENCE of, teaching what I knew to be TRUE, being confident about SHARING my beliefs and understanding…not only did I enable people who would never have come across crystals or thought about energy otherwise to think differently about what might be possible, I also embraced an opportunity for growth for myself.

I learnt that ANYTHING is possible – if a big burly but wonderful mechanic who thought energy was an electric light bulb could be amazed and astounded at the sensitivity of a crystal gently moving to the energy in his palm chakra – and energy he didn’t even believe in before the session, then ANYTHING is possible.

Why was that possible? Because I believed in what I was doing, in what I was teaching, in how I was teaching it, I believed in ME and I stepped into the uncomfortable, into the challenge. I learnt so much about myself through my CertED. training.

Always, ALWAYS, believe in yourself. YOU are INCREDIBLE and you never know what opportunity or challenge it might be that proves that to you.

Breathe Light – because you are! Live LOVE – because you absolutely ARE. x x

PS – picture is of my MOST favourite crystal, a personal crystal I have had for about 25 years – a gorgeous smoky quartz with amazing rainbows and pieces of mica in it.

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