The Art of Discipline

The Art of Discipline…I’ve was away over the last weekend in September on a retreat in gorgeous Northumberland 🍀 (aren’t we so blessed in this county with our amazing countryside 🙏) where I was invited to teach some sessions around trance mediumship. My view of Spirit often (as those of you who work with me know!) differs from the ‘norm’ and I have often challenged within my work and within myself the known boundaries and understanding. I don’t follow the traditional route but I KNOW spirit and more importantly I KNOW my relationship with them, my connection with them and I understand my work, my journey and my purpose in taking Spirit forward.

One of the aspects of my belief that is foundational is discipline. I believe totally that when we work with our helpers in Spirit, we do so in absolute partnership…as such, we are an active part of that partnership, even if at times our conscious awareness and interaction takes a more passive stance.

It is not enough to just want to do the work. Discipline is an essential cornerstone of any successful working relationship with Spirit, and when I say ‘working relationship’ I mean specifically being able to take the work of Spirit forward in a way that sustains it and enables it to progress and evolve. 

Discipline in sitting
Discipline in making time, not finding it but MAKING it
Discipline in understanding your mediumship
Discipline in understanding, enabling and allowing what Spirit are trying to express with you and through you
Discipline in your own self development
Discipline in holding your energy in the right place and enabling their work, their understanding of you to evolve and further refine
Discipline in seeing your development through, even when you feel it’s the hardest, most challenging aspect of your life
Discipline in not working all the time, not working without purpose and intelligence

Without discipline, over time our work with Spirit will lose its impact and also its truth and its essence for we can become ‘sloppy’ and as we do, that impacts how Spirit can work with us.

With discipline, we engender respect – for ourselves and our work, both from ourselves and also from Spirit. With discipline we bring understanding, intelligence and purpose to the work that Spirit undertake with us. With discipline we create the opportunity for Spirit to enable us to work in partnership with them, to truly enable the transformation of the soul and to support the continued advancement and progress of the Spirit for future generations.

Discipline isn’t easy…but it is so worth it. 🌸

X x

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