We Don’t Grow with A No

As the inimitable Tony Robbins has said ‘You don’t grow with a No’.

Yet so much of the time, we don’t take the chance, we don’t follow the opportunity, we don’t explore the idea…and if we don’t start taking the steps then we never truly know where they might lead. There’s always, and will always be, a reason to say no but it’s the reason to say Yes that is important.

Ideas and opportunities aren’t always obvious and with Spirit they’re often inspired moments and then another and then another as a validation. But we have to take that idea, that inspiration and make it possible…we have to give Spirit the opportunity to support us by taking action and exploring an idea, saying yes to an opportunity.

Do you know I never started working with Spirit with the intention of teaching mediumship or spiritual development or teaching people how to teach mediumship, even though I was teaching other things.

Someone asked me if I taught a group and when I said no, they asked if I would. Then someone else asked and then someone else. When I sat back and pondered whether that was the right step, I had a phone call asking me if I taught.

I took the opportunity. But I also did the work and I still do the work, as all of my students do…they never stop learning, developing, working…

When we do the work we give Spirit the opportunity to support and guide us. When we carry on developing we give Spirit the opportunity to keep guiding our path, to keep exploring the possibility of our potential with them.

Think about saying yes to an opportunity before you say no, even if it scares you and absolutely if it excites you.

Don’t believe that you can’t. Know that it won’t be easy, that we do have to do the work but trust that you can and that Spirit are guiding this step to your next step.

Nicola X x

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