Staying put or moving on…?

“Moving forward isn’t easy; staying put is so much more straight forward”…except that it isn’t.

Staying put damages our energy, our mind, our emotions and our physical body. It stagnates joy, love, appreciation, gratitude and it fosters fear.

As beings of energy, which we are, we are in a constant state of movement, a constant state of flow – and ok, sometimes that constant state of flow feels like flowing backward rather than forward! – and to stop that flow is like trying to stop a tidal wave…everything just builds and builds and builds and eventually that water has to go somewhere and if we are not allowing movement in some way, shape or form (e.g. mentally, emotionally or spiritually) then the only place that the expanse of water has to go is within us.

We get shaken up and moved in ways that we then simply cannot escape from – think The Tower card in Tarot. We have movement we have no choice about. That movement clears all that is unnecessary from our energy, life and being.

Staying put is not an option. Staying put is the one way to remove choice from our equation.

Some might say that that is better for then we don’t have to take responsibility for said changes, aka our life – in some respects that might be true but often those changing circumstances, the ones that we have no ‘choice’ over are ones that cause immense distress and struggle.

Taking responsibility for where we are and how we are gives us the most amazing choice and the most amazing control…over ourselves…our most influential denominator.

Everything changes. It has to because energy constantly moves. Everything changes because we have to grow and evolve. We have to learn, to expand into our potential and then expand into new potential. We have to continually reach inward to extend upwards and outwards.

Everything changes because as we come into being more of our spirit shines through, creating a greater dynamic for change. The more we change, the more we grow, the more we expand, the more change, the greater growth, the bigger expansion our energy actually triggers.

We become our own catalysts for change – and that, my spiritual warriors, is amazing. For this is when we start to truly embody who we are and who we are ever moving more and more into being.

When you are struggling, know that you are expanding. When you are sinking, know that it is because you are being nurtured for growth. When you are at your lowest ebb, know that you are on the brink of the change that is just about to come into being, change that will lift you and expand you.

Staying put is not an option.

Nor, if we are honest, would we want it to be…

Who wants to carrying on admiring the rose after it has bloomed? Admiring its’ withered petals and faded colour for ever more? Wouldn’t we rather it was taken back into the earth, into the womb of life, in order to be able to flourish once again, brighter, bolder, more beautiful, more fragrant than before? To show us its’ light and beauty, and its grace and resilience again?

No, staying put is not an option and indeed the spiritual forces that endeavour on our behalf do all they can to ensure that we do progress. Even when we, and we do, oppose them.

Movement. Change. Progress. Flow. Expansion. Light. Life.

Coming into being by allowing who we were to recede in order to enable to new expressions of our spirit to come forth. We may not feel comfortable with the sense of newness, the feeling of new aspects of ourselves to begin with but that’s ok. We can grow into ourselves – better, deeper, more.

Let’s embrace the responsibility we have and can take for our life, for who we are, and for taking care of who we are growing into.

Breathing your light in order to live the love that shines forth from you

Nicola x x

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