5 Minute Mediumship

Spirit is my passion! Both in the bigger sense (the Spirit and the spirit world) and our Spirit – yes yours!

Working with Spirit to support our development with them and to support the development of our spirit through their teachings is something that I am committed to and for some of us that all starts  with mediumship.

I truly believe that we can only enable our development with Spirit, and with mediumship, to reach its fullest potential if we are able to reach our fullest potential!

It is my absolute pleasure and privilege to be able to help support your development with spirit in any way that I can, and through this desire…5 Minute Mediumship was borne! You can find the Introductory video below.

As a working medium who has sat in development and continues to develop, I understand the challenges that we come across in developing, progressing & refining our mediumship.

We don’t always have the opportunity or availability of attending a course or group to look at, discuss & work on specific elements within our mediumship & so I am developing 5 Minute Mediumship – a series of videos to support you by providing thoughts, exercises & discussion points to for you to consider within your mediumship to enable your progression, refinement & the overcoming of blocks, limitations or challenges.

Each video will be no more than 5 minutes long (!) and will either take the form of a discussion on a point that I will ask you to consider thinking about within your own mediumship or will contain an exercise or a task (that will take no more than 5 minutes at a time to do) that you may find useful in your development.

Videos will be uploaded weekly to the page on YouTube. Enjoy! – And do let me know how you get on!