About Nicola


Hello, welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit my site. My name is Nicola Tonsager and I am a spiritualist medium, tutor and mentor based in Lincolnshire.

I believe passionately that all of life is a journey that takes us back to ourselves – enabling us to uncover and to know who we are in our soul and accepting that, free from the restrictions of what we should be and allowing ourselves to simply be who we are. This does not mean that we should be selfish for selfishness’ sake or ignore the sense of compromise or compassion that is needed in order to be able to co-exist peacefully with our fellow man, animals and the Earth. But it does mean understanding who we are, accepting that and allowing our truth to be heard rather than denied – to ourselves as well as others.

Working with Me:

I serve various local spiritualist churches, teach workshops and produce my own range of vibrational essences. I support people on their own personal and spiritual unfoldment through on-going development groups and one to one mentorship.  I also offer one to one consultations. I facilitate workshops and spiritual retreats throughout the UK, and in July 2016 I was awarded the Gordon Higginson Memorial Scholarship from the Spiritualists’ National Union.

Through my individual and collaborative work, experience and training I have been able to develop workshops, training and energy tools to support the individual as they begin to open the door to connecting with their spirit, recognising their unique and beautiful soul, and its perfect but individual journey.

I would ask you to remember that there is no one who is able to do more for you, than YOU, right at this moment, right NOW.

Open the door to your spirit, recognise your soul’s beauty and allow your light to shine.

A little bit of history…

I founded The Angel Garden after starting to work intensely with angels. I was drawn to creating a site with my work with them in mind and I was given the name The Angel Garden. 

My work has evolved over the years – energies have expanded greatly, with energy work and one’s spiritual identity becoming more widely recognised, accepted and needed.

I actually began my own spiritual development with Tarot over twenty five years ago.

My training in vibrational therapies began with Crystal Therapy after a profound experience with a crystal and remembering past life experiences. I went on to train in Flower & Gem Essences (essences are a magical experience), Sound Healing, Reiki, Indian Head Massage, EFT, Hopi Ear Candling and Past Life Regression amongst other things. And for a number of years I have taught Crystal Healing, Indian Head Massage, EFT and other therapies to Practitioner Level as well as running introductory and informative workshops, working with angelic energies and also with crystal skulls.

During the course of my development and building my practice, I worked extensively with angelic energies, receiving their energetic signatures as a means to enhance and strengthen connections to their energies. This work led to the development of a practitioner level course in Angelic Signature Healing™ and you can find all of the current signatures in my book Working with Angelic Signatures  – if you are drawn to, please have a look at them, allow them to connect with you and allow your journey with the angelic realm to develop and flourish.

Angels are an enormous and gracious part of my path and I am truly thankful that my life purpose includes bringing their energy and work more fully into our human experience.

In more recent years, the spirit world have called me to work more extensively with them, through the arena of mediumship and through leading others on their spiritual unfoldment and journey. Through the spirit world, we are able to accept and understand the continuous life and evolvement of our own soul, recognising that we are not limited to simply this life but are an energy born to it and which will pass from it eventually, moving onto another stage of learning, growth and experience in the spiritual realms.

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