LOVE is everything

LOVE is Everything

LOVE is Everything…that might sound rather twee if if was not such a strong and immoveable truth.

Truly, everything in life is about LOVE, because everything in life is about us. About who we are and about uncovering, unfolding, unfurling ourselves more and more and more. Moving more into our essence and allowing more of that essence to shine forth.

I am doing some work at the moment as part of an online programme, DareToGrow, that I joined a couple of years ago. This is the second time that I am going through the programme fully, and I am really grateful, empowered, and also somewhat relieved (!) to find that realisations I had about myself, my life and my work two years ago through the work of the programme are still very valid and on pointe today. They’ve refined, as things do over time, there is a greater clarity and what this second foray into the programme is doing currently is to help me refine, clarify and define even further. YAY! Don’t we just all love a bit of clarity! Continue reading

Journeying into Our Essence

Diving deep. Diving into darkness. Diving into the darkness within ourselves that we are reluctant to switch a light onto. Diving deep into our own psyche to shine a light into that which we are not sure we can deal with.

Yet, if we think about it, our eyes adjust to the darkness don’t they? When we walk into a darkened room if we give ourselves a moment, our eyes adjust and whilst everything may not be clear there is a hazy awareness that begins to take shape.

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The journey is always you

Well, it has been a serious while since my last blog post folks and life has been a funny old thing these past few months hasn’t it? It never ceases to amaze me how we are always reminded, when we have the opportunity to quiet our mind and reflect, that the journey is always about us and that the destination is always moving deeper into ourselves, moving deeper into being.

I think we sometimes forget just how long changing aspects of ourselves takes, how much consistent effort is required to change a thought behaviour, an emotional response…and then just when we feel that we might have mastered it, something comes along not to trip us up but to enable us to check whether we have actually mastered what we think we have. Invariably we haven’t quite…and invariably some aspects of mental and emotional behaviours and responses will always be there lurking in the background and we will always have to be on the ball with making sure that we support new habits rather than slip back into old, and not as useful, ones.

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Release and Letting Go

The seasons change as does life and with each movement of one season into the next we move into different states of being – birthing, blossoming, releasing, renewing.

There is something beautiful, unique and deeply personal about each one. They affect us all in different ways and yet there is a connection within the movement of the Earth as she goes through her process which is mirrored in each of us.

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How ARE you?

We live in a fast world, don’t we, and a world that just seems to be getting faster. More demands on our time, more things to do within the time that we have but no extra time to do it. Technology to help and support us, to save us time but actually it doesn’t because  what happens is that another task is created to use up that ‘spare’ time, another thing to add to the ever un-unending ‘to-do’ list.

As the list grows and we have less time for ourselves we become less ourselves and more like an automaton, switched onto autopilot just to get through the day, the week, the month, the year and eventually our life. Living a life that we haven’t actually lived because we are so switched off from ourselves that we don’t taste of life.

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The Journey

I’ve just returned from a weekend in the North Yorkshire Moors where I have had the privilege of hosting a trance mediumship weekend with a group of wonderful people and, of course, with the amazing presence of spirit.

After weekends such as these I always find myself reflecting during the journey back home – it’s my space, it’s time when I am just with myself, driving along and where time is suspended in some way – I am sure we have all that that feeling when driving a distance.

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Daring To Grow

I love this time of year – the blossoms starting to show themselves as trees start to dance with life again, gorgeous daffs and crocus popping up with their bright colours to bring their sunshine to gardens. Birds chirruping away in the early hours, greeting the lighter mornings. It’s a time of year when life seems to open up to us once more, gifting us with a sense of optimism and welcoming us into the potential of her open arms.

Spring. A fresh breath after the challenges of a reflective winter and a releasing autumn. A time of opportunity, of dreams beckoning and of us reaching out to embrace our potential.

This Spring is a little bit different for me as I am about to embark on Dare To Grow’s Online Course – a real deep dive into the self, into purpose, into passionate self-development and so much more.

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