Change is simply Spirits vehicle for growth

Change…The Vehicle for Growth

Change is a constant energy – because energy is always moving, it is never static and therefore change is always a moving energy.
I am sure we all find change difficult at times, some more so than others and we are also creatures of habit so something that shifts that habit creates something uncomfortable that we don’t always want to acknowledge.
Yet, if we can think of change as growth we perhaps lend a different perspective. We may have to work at keeping our mind focussed on the learning that comes with growth rather than the challenge that often comes with change, but that is another story!
Growth is good isn’t it? It is also exciting. When things start to sprout we have no idea at first where they might lead. We are able to explore the adventure within us.
We feel the shift – we feel it within our energy, that sense of vibration changing and starting to resonate differently. We feel it within our mind, that sense of expanding into new potential. We feel it within our emotions, that sense of pushing through boundaries and we feel it within our spirit, that sense of freedom.
And yet growth, once started, doesn’t just happen. It take consistent effort and unending patience. Effort to carry on moving forward when all we might want to do is stop, curl in a small heap and stay safely where we are. Patience to gently carry on making the effort even though the results or shifts that we might be expecting, might be hoping for don’t happen as quickly as we would want or indeed need.
Growth also takes trust. It takes trust in ourselves, in our capability and ability, in our courage and vulnerability, determination and resilience.
It takes trust in Spirit – trust that their guiding force is the guiding force that is guiding our steps, influencing our inspiration and encouraging that sense of progress even when said progress cannot yet be tangibly seen but only felt by the soul.
We have to learn to walk on the shifting shapes of the clouds, gently taking steps at some points in time, leaping from one tenuous cloud to another at other times and hanging on for dear life when we feel scared before taking a breath anyway, feeling scared anyway and letting go, allowing our own courage, our own grace, our own spirit to be as one with the breath of the Spirit…creating miracles the second that we do let go and trust not only in Spirit and in ourselves but also in the divine and amazing process of life, to take us on a journey, on an adventure into and of ourselves.
We don’t grow by holding on – and I am not talking about people or situations. We don’t grow by holding on to ourselves.
We grow by letting go of who we are, by letting go of who we think we are, of who we believe we are…time and time and time again so that in every moment the soul has the ability to renew itself in a greater expression of its’ truth and so that in every moment we have the opportunity to understand more of our truth and allow it, in that moment, to be our expression.
Change…it is simply the vehicle for growth.
It is never about others. It is never about situations or circumstances. It is always about ourselves.
And it is always about letting go of ourselves in that moment, in every moment and surrendering to the greater force of life, the Spirit, that works through us.
Breathe your light, live your love and trust in the process of life
Nicola x x

The Art of Communication – Vlog 3

Join me in Vlog 3 as I share a new project I’m working on, discuss how vlogging is making me think about how I communicate, why sharing ideas can be so supportive and why we stop ourselves from sharing who we are and what do.

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The Journey

I’ve just returned from a weekend in the North Yorkshire Moors where I have had the privilege of hosting a trance mediumship weekend with a group of wonderful people and, of course, with the amazing presence of spirit.

After weekends such as these I always find myself reflecting during the journey back home – it’s my space, it’s time when I am just with myself, driving along and where time is suspended in some way – I am sure we have all that that feeling when driving a distance.

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It is your choice…

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world!” ~Anne Frank

We hold in our hands one of the most precious gifts we have in life – that of choice. Humans, more than any other species or life-form on this beautiful planet have choice – of thought, of emotion, of word, of deed…and more.

In each moment we have the choice of how to respond or react to the world around us, to people in it and, most importantly, how to respond to ourselves; to the stirrings of our heart, our soul.
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The Ever Onward Journey

I had the wonderful privilege to be able to attend a workshop this past weekend with Tony Stockwell and John Holland, respectively two of the UK and USA’s most respected mediums.

What was apparent over the course of the weekend, apart from their amazing brilliance of course (and I say that tongue in cheek as they do themselves!) was their absolute devotion to their craft; to the art of mediumship and the ever onward journey of the spirit – both Spirit itself and their spirit-selves.

Old open book with magic light and falling stars on wooden table
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The Mind of a Medium

The mouth starts to get dry; nerves make the heart beat faster and the stomach churn; excitement builds but at times it is difficult to tell the different between excitement and anxiety, the nerves overwhelm; the mind whirls with the previous demonstration – did I work well? If not, why not? And how am I feeling? Is my energy in a good place? Am I grounded, centred? AM I FEELING SPIRIT?


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Spiritual Retreat 2014 – just 3 weeks away!


I am truly delighted to announce that I am hosting a spiritual retreat in the late Autumn, over the weekend of 7, 8 and 9 November 2014. And it is now only 3 weeks away! So excited, and so grateful to have the opportunity to work in this special and intimate way with some wonderful people.

So what are we going to be doing?

We’ll be setting the space and the energy for the weekend by creating a sacred mandala on the Friday evening and by getting to know each other. Continue reading

About Me…

cache_2441857440Hello – and thank you for taking the time to visit my site. My name is Nicola Tonsager and I am a spiritual medium based in Lincolnshire, serving various spiritual churches, demonstrating mediumship through platform and one to one readings as well as taking workshops and running development groups but my journey didn’t start as a medium.

A little bit of history…

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