Autumn Leaves

Darker mornings, sun low in the sky, twisting grey clouds and that sense of the summer having left and winter just being around the corner – we are in that moment, aren’t we, of Autumn coming upon us.

I’ve always loved Autumn – the sharpness of a fresh morning, the leaves crunching underfoot, my dog chasing around like a mad thing after leaves flying and swirling in the breeze, candles giving illumination to evening twilight.  Oooh, I get tingles just thinking about all the cosy loveliness that Autumn brings!

The colours of Autumn are so vibrant and earthy – reds, golds, russets. They are also very healing and Autumn itself is, for many of us, a profoundly healing period. I admire the qualities and resonance of Nature enormously – she makes no mistakes and there is a reason as the leaves fall from the trees that we begin an inward journey of reflection.
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The Gift of Grief

As some of you reading this will know, my lovely Grandma passed to Spirit last week. She was 95, and was really well until the last few years.

Gran was a cornerstone of my life; she helped bring me up when I was younger as my mother worked away and she was, until the last few years, the one unchanging and constant aspect of my life.

Through changing times, growing pains, moving on and upwards through life and experience, my Gran’s constancy was like a lighthouse shining brightly to guide my ship through the turbulent seas of life. She never changed, never wavered and my understanding of her unchangeable nature was a security blanket through any changes I might have been going through.

Both my mum and I were with her when she passed. We were called as her breathing changed and spent several hours with her. I wasn’t sure she was actually ready to pass – she had been on an end of life care plan for only a few days and there is never a finite timing with such things – and then all of a sudden I felt my Grandad step in and I knew.
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LOVE – The Magic that Moves Mountains

Love is the universal coin, the energy that makes the world go round. Everything we are here for is about love.

Realising it, and also recognising the absence of it when that occurs, which it does to all of us at some point, in some way. In that moment, the memory of love, the hope of love is often what sustains us – be it intimate, parental, friendship, self.

Some people may disagree and believe that it is money that makes the world go round (that old adage!) but actually, even there, it is the love of money isn’t it, and the fear of not having it?

Love is the magic that moves mountains; the power that transforms; the water that nourishes growth and the honey that is the nectar of life…if we can allow it to be what it is and to work its’ beautiful magic freely and without the constraints of wants, needs or demands.

Love’s magic demands courage and it demands freedom.

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A letter to your soul…Dear Soul

There’s a theme running through my life and work at the moment of connecting more fully with the self, appreciating who we are and recognising the divinity that we are are part of, although even as I say this it is not really a new theme but perhaps on this full super moon evening that connection with the divine part of us needs to be more appreciated, more acknowledged so I am guided to ask: If you were to write a letter (of thanks perhaps?) to your soul what would it say? Why not try it and discover what you might be drawn to say…what you might be drawn to release, recognise and appreciate also about yourself.

Some of my letter is below.  Blessings xx

Dear Soul,

I don’t know where to start so I will just start somewhere and hope it leads to something. And really that is also part of what I want to express to you – thank you for always pushing me to start somewhere and trusting that it will lead to something.

Thank you for trusting me when I didn’t trust myself. Thank you for being the quiet patience in my noise, the watchful observer in my madness. Thank you for not giving up and for being more stubborn than I am. Thank you for ensuring you relit my light more quickly than I could blow it out!

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The Phoenix Rises from the Dark Night of the Soul

Dark nights of the soul come to us all. Whether aware of their presence slowly growing stronger or whether they appear to come out of nowhere and simply floor us, their impact can be paralysing…and yet they are necessary and ultimately empowering.

As our soul cries out for acknowledgement of that which is holding it prisoner, we are given an opportunity to dive into its’ depths and touch its’ core… our core.
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Hello to hibernating…

Dark mornings, dreary grey skies, dark evenings. Getting up in the dark, coming home from work in the dark. Is this why January and February are such challenging times of the year for so many of us? Our passion, enthusiasm and motivation seeming to dim with the shortness of daylight and that darned lethargy finding it easy to take charge! But what if our enthusiasm and motivation were meant to momentarily dim?

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Deeper into the Light

I have been drawn to chat today about stages of healing, and as I do I must reiterate that this is my experience and therefore my understanding. It may well not be everyone’s yet opening ourselves to different ideas, opinions, thoughts and possibilities is part of the wonderful process of developing our understanding of our own spirit.

This discussion has come about because lots of people have asked me recently about past issues that appear to be coming back for them and they are wondering what they have done wrong or how their perception of previous work that they felt had been undertaken successfully has actually not been the case. The answer is that they are not wrong and that their previous self-work has been absolutely spot on!

It is simply that as we evolve, we uncover deeper layers of ourselves and we begin to heal and to release that which no longer serves us on deeper levels. In essence, we step more deeply into the light and when the light is brighter we see more clearly that which is not illuminated…
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