There is power and there is presence in letting go, in walking away.

There is also power and presence in remaining, in committing, in following through.

The difference is in the understanding of things isn’t it? It is in the motivation and the reason. It is in the truth of ‘why?’

The understanding, the acceptance, the forgiveness and the growth comes in realising and knowing the WHY.

WHY are we choosing to walk away? WHY are we choosing to let go? WHY are we choosing to remain? WHY are we choosing to commit?

WHY are we choosing to commit to an action, a course of action that we know will ultimately end in failure? (of course we have to determine what failure means).

WHY are we choosing to leave a path that might ultimately challenge everything we know about ourselves and therefore potentially may catapult our growth?

If we choose to walk down a path littered with pot holes, debris, tangled weeds at every step then of course we are heading down a path that holds danger. So the WHY is important. It is essential – essential to our health – mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

It is also essential to us understanding, allowing, enabling, accepting and forgiving.


The WHY helps us to learn, to grow, to integrate aspects of our soul – and our soul’s knowledge – that it would otherwise take us so much longer to do. The WHY actually takes us out of our emotional reaction (and therefore our emotional reasoning) and enables a process of spiritual and subconscious logic that enables the understanding, integration, healing and forgiveness at the appropriate time. And it also enables courage – courage that comes from the spirit.

It is easy to berate ourselves for decisions made or not made. For choices made or not made. For walking away when we should have stayed. For committing when we should have released.

The WHY makes all of the difference. It frees the soul and it enables the spirit. It allows the seed to truth to be known. The truth may not be easy, and indeed the truth of ourselves is always the hardest truth to know, to accept and to allow.

However, when the WHY is truly known…truly allowed…truly enabled…and truly accepted…then the WHY becomes freedom…even if the action, the path, the decision, the choice may not be the one that we should be making for our best self, for our health and wellbeing.

WHY always leads to truth. Truth always leads to freedom.

WHY always leads to enabling your power and presence.

Know the WHY.

X x


LOVE is everything

LOVE is Everything

LOVE is Everything…that might sound rather twee if if was not such a strong and immoveable truth.

Truly, everything in life is about LOVE, because everything in life is about us. About who we are and about uncovering, unfolding, unfurling ourselves more and more and more. Moving more into our essence and allowing more of that essence to shine forth.

I am doing some work at the moment as part of an online programme, DareToGrow, that I joined a couple of years ago. This is the second time that I am going through the programme fully, and I am really grateful, empowered, and also somewhat relieved (!) to find that realisations I had about myself, my life and my work two years ago through the work of the programme are still very valid and on pointe today. They’ve refined, as things do over time, there is a greater clarity and what this second foray into the programme is doing currently is to help me refine, clarify and define even further. YAY! Don’t we just all love a bit of clarity! Continue reading

The Journey

I’ve just returned from a weekend in the North Yorkshire Moors where I have had the privilege of hosting a trance mediumship weekend with a group of wonderful people and, of course, with the amazing presence of spirit.

After weekends such as these I always find myself reflecting during the journey back home – it’s my space, it’s time when I am just with myself, driving along and where time is suspended in some way – I am sure we have all that that feeling when driving a distance.

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Time out…and time IN

It’s been a little while since my last blog – and it’s good to take time out, even of things we really enjoy isn’t it? Life in general gets so busy and moves at such a pace that we often simply keep on ploughing through and before we know it, we are running out of steam, worn out – mentally, emotionally and physically – and just desperate for rest, sleep and more rest and yet we never know when we are going to find the time to do that.

Interestingly something I have learned over the years is that we very rarely find the time. For something important to us or our well-being, we have the make the time. It actually tells us how much we value ourselves whether we make the time or not….
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Unwrapping the Present

Recently I’ve kept being given the phrase Moving into Being by spirit – and you might have seen it mentioned as part of my Facebook or Instagram posts over the last few weeks.

I’m undertaking a fabulous course at the moment with an amazing group of people which is encouraging a deep dive into the self, and into the soul and this phrase, Moving into Being, has made perfect sense with this work.

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Time is the most important ingredient

It is interesting to think about the effort it takes to succeed in life and when I say succeed I mean to achieve what we desire to, be it practical, spiritual, material or anything else (and based on our own individual understanding of success).

We live in a world of everything being accessible right now; we live in a world of speed and a world where we hold the expectation, often, of instant gratification. In fact, media and some organisations encourage us to believe that whatever we want we can have, right now and that if it doesn’t happen right now then we are not putting in the appropriate effort or it is not appropriate for us.

Is anything really worthwhile, I mean really, achieved with such instantaneousness?
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The Ever Onward Journey

I had the wonderful privilege to be able to attend a workshop this past weekend with Tony Stockwell and John Holland, respectively two of the UK and USA’s most respected mediums.

What was apparent over the course of the weekend, apart from their amazing brilliance of course (and I say that tongue in cheek as they do themselves!) was their absolute devotion to their craft; to the art of mediumship and the ever onward journey of the spirit – both Spirit itself and their spirit-selves.

Old open book with magic light and falling stars on wooden table
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Retreat into You and Heal

It is just over 9 weeks until the Spiritual Retreat I am running in North Yorkshire takes place! I am very blessed to be running a retreat again, and also incredibly fortunate to have some previous retreaters returning for this one. It is a true validation of the time, love and energy that we share together.

What is a spiritual retreat? For me and my retreaters it is the opportunity to connect with and nurture our Spirit. It is something that we don’t often get the opportunity to do as frequently as we would like in our busy lives, certainly not without interruption or distraction. But a retreat can be different things to different people.


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Affirmative and Affirming – the wonderful energy tool that is the affirmation


Okay, so hands up how many of you work with affirmations or attempt to lol! They have been around for what seems like eons haven’t they, with great exponents such as Louise Hay and Law of Attraction workers championing the power of the affirmative statement. I myself have worked with them on and off for about twenty five years (and yes saying that makes me feel old!). And in recent years I have worked with them really consistently, and with great results. The power of affirmations to change something in your or your life can be immense.
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