There is power and there is presence in letting go, in walking away.

There is also power and presence in remaining, in committing, in following through.

The difference is in the understanding of things isn’t it? It is in the motivation and the reason. It is in the truth of ‘why?’

The understanding, the acceptance, the forgiveness and the growth comes in realising and knowing the WHY.

WHY are we choosing to walk away? WHY are we choosing to let go? WHY are we choosing to remain? WHY are we choosing to commit?

WHY are we choosing to commit to an action, a course of action that we know will ultimately end in failure? (of course we have to determine what failure means).

WHY are we choosing to leave a path that might ultimately challenge everything we know about ourselves and therefore potentially may catapult our growth?

If we choose to walk down a path littered with pot holes, debris, tangled weeds at every step then of course we are heading down a path that holds danger. So the WHY is important. It is essential – essential to our health – mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

It is also essential to us understanding, allowing, enabling, accepting and forgiving.


The WHY helps us to learn, to grow, to integrate aspects of our soul – and our soul’s knowledge – that it would otherwise take us so much longer to do. The WHY actually takes us out of our emotional reaction (and therefore our emotional reasoning) and enables a process of spiritual and subconscious logic that enables the understanding, integration, healing and forgiveness at the appropriate time. And it also enables courage – courage that comes from the spirit.

It is easy to berate ourselves for decisions made or not made. For choices made or not made. For walking away when we should have stayed. For committing when we should have released.

The WHY makes all of the difference. It frees the soul and it enables the spirit. It allows the seed to truth to be known. The truth may not be easy, and indeed the truth of ourselves is always the hardest truth to know, to accept and to allow.

However, when the WHY is truly known…truly allowed…truly enabled…and truly accepted…then the WHY becomes freedom…even if the action, the path, the decision, the choice may not be the one that we should be making for our best self, for our health and wellbeing.

WHY always leads to truth. Truth always leads to freedom.

WHY always leads to enabling your power and presence.

Know the WHY.

X x


Staying put or moving on…?

“Moving forward isn’t easy; staying put is so much more straight forward”…except that it isn’t.

Staying put damages our energy, our mind, our emotions and our physical body. It stagnates joy, love, appreciation, gratitude and it fosters fear.

As beings of energy, which we are, we are in a constant state of movement, a constant state of flow – and ok, sometimes that constant state of flow feels like flowing backward rather than forward! – and to stop that flow is like trying to stop a tidal wave…everything just builds and builds and builds and eventually that water has to go somewhere and if we are not allowing movement in some way, shape or form (e.g. mentally, emotionally or spiritually) then the only place that the expanse of water has to go is within us.

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We Don’t Grow with A No

As the inimitable Tony Robbins has said ‘You don’t grow with a No’.

Yet so much of the time, we don’t take the chance, we don’t follow the opportunity, we don’t explore the idea…and if we don’t start taking the steps then we never truly know where they might lead. There’s always, and will always be, a reason to say no but it’s the reason to say Yes that is important.
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The Art of Discipline

The Art of Discipline…I’ve was away over the last weekend in September on a retreat in gorgeous Northumberland 🍀 (aren’t we so blessed in this county with our amazing countryside 🙏) where I was invited to teach some sessions around trance mediumship. My view of Spirit often (as those of you who work with me know!) differs from the ‘norm’ and I have often challenged within my work and within myself the known boundaries and understanding. I don’t follow the traditional route but I KNOW spirit and more importantly I KNOW my relationship with them, my connection with them and I understand my work, my journey and my purpose in taking Spirit forward.

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The ‘Un’-Comfort Zone

You know, when I was studying to be a teacher I was surrounded by people who were either teaching cooking on NVQ courses or teaching mechanics…what was I on the course teaching.. Crystal therapy! 😁

Yes at the time , wayyyy back when (!), I was undertaking my CertED. I was teaching Crystal Therapy and Reiki and so naturally when applying for a place on the University of Hudderfield’s CertEd Programme, I had to apply with what I was already teaching because you a)have to be able to undertake teaching sessions and have them observed and moderated as part of the course and you also had to be able to teach micro sessions to the other students so you HAD to apply with what you were already teaching.

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The journey is always you

Well, it has been a serious while since my last blog post folks and life has been a funny old thing these past few months hasn’t it? It never ceases to amaze me how we are always reminded, when we have the opportunity to quiet our mind and reflect, that the journey is always about us and that the destination is always moving deeper into ourselves, moving deeper into being.

I think we sometimes forget just how long changing aspects of ourselves takes, how much consistent effort is required to change a thought behaviour, an emotional response…and then just when we feel that we might have mastered it, something comes along not to trip us up but to enable us to check whether we have actually mastered what we think we have. Invariably we haven’t quite…and invariably some aspects of mental and emotional behaviours and responses will always be there lurking in the background and we will always have to be on the ball with making sure that we support new habits rather than slip back into old, and not as useful, ones.

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Release and Letting Go

The seasons change as does life and with each movement of one season into the next we move into different states of being – birthing, blossoming, releasing, renewing.

There is something beautiful, unique and deeply personal about each one. They affect us all in different ways and yet there is a connection within the movement of the Earth as she goes through her process which is mirrored in each of us.

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How ARE you?

We live in a fast world, don’t we, and a world that just seems to be getting faster. More demands on our time, more things to do within the time that we have but no extra time to do it. Technology to help and support us, to save us time but actually it doesn’t because  what happens is that another task is created to use up that ‘spare’ time, another thing to add to the ever un-unending ‘to-do’ list.

As the list grows and we have less time for ourselves we become less ourselves and more like an automaton, switched onto autopilot just to get through the day, the week, the month, the year and eventually our life. Living a life that we haven’t actually lived because we are so switched off from ourselves that we don’t taste of life.

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