Chakra Essences

This wonderful new range of essences have come into being to support our energetic system in this time of change, transformation and acceleration of energy. Each essence works to bring balance to the particular chakra it is aligned with. In addition all of the essences work to assist with integrating the new and higher vibrational energies that we are all beginning to feel, work with and develop.

The Essence Journey

When we feel Secure, we begin to feel free to explore our sense of Creation and our own ability to create. As we create and see our desires and passions come into being, we gain confidence and we are able to stand in our Power. As we recognise our power, we connect with the divinity, peace and acceptance of Love. Resonating with love, we enable free Expression. With the ability to express ourselves truly, we gain Clarity within ourselves, within our spirit and within our world. As our clarity and understanding of ourselves and our path deepens we enable a truer and greater Connection with our spirit and with our soul energy, recognising the divinity that we each hold within us. With that flow of divine connection released and honoured, we are simply the ‘I AM’.

The Essences

I Am Secure
Chakra: Base
Keywords: Balance, Clearing, Nurturing & Grounding

Working with this essence enables realisation of those blocks which are preventing our sense of security and safety. As with the beauty of the tree, our roots delve deep into the Earth for sustainment, nourishment and grounding enabling us to grow and expand ever higher as we trust in the strength and power of the Earth to hold us steady, true and firm.

I Am Creation

Chakra: Sacral
Keywords: Balance, Allowing, Joy, Centring

Acknowledgement of our own power of creation is the key element of this essence. Without allowing our passion to flow, we prevent the flow of manifestation before it has even begun. Connecting with our sense of joy, and the sense of wonderment that we have as children when every conceiveable magic is possible, working with this essence can enable us to regain the belief in our ability to create.

I Am Power

Chakra: Solar Plexus
Keywords: Balance, Confidence, Self-Esteem

Power is a difficult word and many people see use of the word Power as egotistical and yet we are amazing beings. Being confident in our abilities and in the goodness of who we are enables us to stand with confidence and sincerity in the power of all of our being – with our power being strong through recognition of its inherent grace and gentleness.

I Am Love

Chakra: Heart
Keywords: Balance, Compassion, Valuing Self

With this essence we are recognising the love that binds all living things and all energetic beings together. We are seeing others as the mirror to ourselves. Valuing ourselves and holding love and compassion for ourselves enables us to truly value and love others, and to allow others to see their value reflected within our hearts.

I Am Expression

Chakra: Throat
Keywords: Balance, Communication, Inspiration

Enabling our ability to truly speak from our heart, from our soul, this essence recognises the channel of expression as we stand in our truth and allow our true voice and words to be heard – both within ourselves and also without. Not allowing ourselves to hear the flow from spirit, feel the energy of our heart resonances is like picking a flower in bud and not allowing it to bloom.

I Am Clarity

Chakra: 3rd Eye
Keywords: Balance, Intuition, Understanding

This essence begins the process of allowing the pure connection and flow from heart to head and the translation of language of light. Understanding our path, awareness of the learning and challenges along it enables us to see our role within life and the universe more clearly and allows us to begin to feel that harmony within it.

I Am Connection

Chakra: Crown
Keywords: Balance, Acceptance, Soul Realisation

We are one amongst many and yet such an important and individual part of the many. Our vibration matches uniquely to our role, our talents and our path of service. As we open to the flow of divine connection and the purity of its love, the beacon of light within us glows, never to be extinguished.


Chakras: The Transpersonal Chakras
Keywords: Balance, Opening, Expansion

‘I release all expection, all demand. I hold forgiveness and love in my heart. I place myself in your hands and give myself in service’

Working with the essences

The essences can be worked with singly or in combination. If working in combination, it is suggested that the Base Chakra Essence be included when working with the Throat, 3rd Eye, Crown or Tranpersonal Chakra Essences to enable grounding and additional support. Please only work with a maximum of three essences at any one time (this includes incoporating the Base Chakra Essence).

Essences can be taken internally but it is recommended that they be used energetically – in the aura or on specific chakra points. A few drops could also be placed in the bath, on pulse points or on a pillow.

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