Consultations and Demonstrations

I offer private consultations, platform demonstrations of mediumship and am also available for speaking engagements.

Private Consultations

I run a practice in Lincolnshire for private consultations with appointments usually on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Evidential and Intuitive consultation appointments last around 30 to 40 minutes with a fee of £40.00.

Spiritual Assessment appointments last 30 minutes, with a fee of £40, increasing to £60 for a 45 minute session.

Please find below details of the types of consultations available.

EvidentialA private consultation consisting of connecting with loved ones in the spirit world for you and bringing through evidence and information that they wish to relay to you to demonstrate the continuous existence of their soul.

Depending on the spirit contact and what they have to say, there may be one spirit contact coming through in a sitting or more than one. I work predominately with feeling (clairsentience) and as such with the personality and feeling of the spirit contact. Clairvoyance (sight) and clairaudience (hearing) may also form part of the way that a particular spirit contact works with me.

Evidential sittings evidence the continuation and support of your loved one in spirit around you rather than them talking about you and your life. You, as the sitter, cannot dictate the information and should you wish to have a sitting based on you and where you are now and the potential moving forward then please book an intuitive sitting.

IntuitiveAn intuitive consultation consists of working with your energy (so working psychically primarily) and tools such as cards or ribbons may also be incorporated.  I may also work with the angelic realm for guidance. This consultation will usually offer you more information about you, your life circumstances at the current time and the potential for moving forward.

NB: Spirit will sometimes connect with an intuitive sitting if there is a need that they wish to serve for you.

Spiritual AssessmentThis consultation, linking with your spirit team, looks specifically at your spiritual work/ spiritual path to assist you in understanding current achievements and challenges, what your spirit team are working with you to achieve and what they require from you as well as looking at natural abilities and a focus for moving forward, i.e. the next steps, within your spiritual work.

A quick note on the difference between mediumship and  intuitive/psychic readingsMediumship consists of connecting with loved ones in the spirit world to evidence their survival and to bring through information about them and memories they wish to share with you – that is: the communication will be up to them rather than what you want them to talk about.

Intuitive/psychic readings consist of connecting to your energy, either directly or through tools such as cards, and bringing through information about you.

Please note that no consultation or reading should be construed as offering professional advice regarding finances or health. We all have free will and personal responsibility, both those in the spirit world and in the angelic realm know this and will never tell us what to do or what decisions to make and neither should any responsible medium or reader; those choices and the responsibility for them are ours alone.

I regret that it is not possible for me to travel to you for a consultation however consultations are available online via skype or a similar media. Please note that I do not do telephone consultations.

Information for Consultations

So what do you get from me? A high quality consultation with integrity, compassion and honesty, and an open approach – and I do ask you to have that same intention. Mediumship is a 3 way process between spirit, the medium and the sitter and no specific results can be guaranteed at any consultation. A consultation with a loved one in spirit offers the opportunity for both worlds to spend time together. Spirit always endeavour to bring through a consultation that is positive and inspirational as Spirit always wish to leave us uplifted.

Before the Consultation

If you are coming to a consultation with myself, or with another medium, there are a couple of things that are useful to remember:

  • Relax and look forward to it – nothing frightening will happen and I will always ask if you are happy to work with the spirit contact stepping forward
  • Try not to hold a desire or judgement about which spirit contact may step forward as this can block you from being open to recognising who is actually working with me; no medium can guarantee a specific spirit contact
  • Think about any questions you may have or any guidance that you would ideally like to receive – these will often come through as a natural part of the consultation but you will also be given the opportunity for questions. However, please do not get hung on the specifics that you might wish to receive or know. Every medium and every contact creates an individual blend at any given moment in time.
  • Allow yourself appropriate travel time so that you are not rushed or stressed immediately prior to the consultation.

On very rare occasions a medium may be unable to link to a spirit contact for you; this has no bearing on the contact wishing or not wishing to come through, merely it relates to the vibration of the medium and the vibration of the contact/s at that moment in time. In such an event, I would end the consultation within 10-15 minutes of beginning and would not charge for my time – however room hire does have to be covered – so there is a flat fee of £10.00 per hour to cover room hire in the event of a non-link.

Public Platform Demonstrations

Platform demonstrations of mediumship consist of connecting with several communicators, one at a time, for members of the audience. Each communication would generally last for between 6 and 10 minutes.

A day or half day workshop on platform mediumship or spiritual development can also be organised. Please contact me in the first instance to discuss your requirements for these.

Please note: by law, all sittings and demonstrations must be classified as a holistic experiment for which results cannot be guaranteed nor can communication from any specific loved one be guaranteed.

Speaking Engagements

I am available to speak at local or national events, charity events, local groups (such as W.I. for instance) etc on a range of subjects including Mediumship, Spirituality, Crystals, Angels, Self and Personal Development, amongst others. Please do contact me to discuss your requirements.

Please contact me if you have any questions about any of the above, or to arrange a consultation, demonstration, workshop or speaking engagement.

Please note that I don’t offer psychic parties.

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