The CREATE… Essences have been given to us through the need that we all have at the moment to reconnect with All That Is, recognise and value who we are and to accept where we are at this moment in time, enabling us to heal more completely by trusting in our process of life at all times.

The CREATE… Essences also, by their very name, ask us to acknowledge the responsibility that we have for our life and its direction and asks that if something is not as we would like it or feel that it should be, then to recognise that we can make a choice to change and CREATE what we do desire or need.

The essences are designed to be used singly rather than in combination with the exception of CREATE… Sacred Space which can be used to enhance our sense of psychic and energetic protection, to clear and protect a space we work in or simply to enable us to feel safe and comforted in the space we are in as we work with the other essences or other methods of healing tools and vibrations. All of the essences can be taken internally or used in the aura. It is recommended that CREATE… Sacred Space be misted around a healing space if being used specifically to create a sacred space.

The Essences

CREATE… Sacred Space

Create your sacred and perfect space to heal and protect you

Work with this essence to create a sacred space or to enhance your sense of energetic protection. This essence can be used before a meditative or healing session to enable you to gain greater clarity through the knowledge that you are safe from harm and divinely guided and helped by the essence’s co-creators and protectors.

This essence has an angelic quality to it, so you can also work with this essence to work more effectively and on a deeper level with angels, ascended masters or other light guides.


Recognise your uniqueness, value your gifts and glory in who you are

This essence was offered as we all need to recognise the importance of who we are and the value we hold, in our lives, in society and energetically. We are all an important part of the creation and existence of this world and it is time that we all recognised that being powerful does not mean that we have to be arrogant or egotistical. Accepting and honouring our power is about understanding the essence of who we are, recognising our own individuality, glorying in that and allowing our self to live it in every moment.

Work with CREATE… Power to accept who you are and acknowledge the full beauty and potential of all that you are.

CREATE… Abundance

Open your heart to recognise and receive the abundance of the universe

CREATE… Abundance is all about trust. So many of us feel lack in our lives and this can prevent us from fully expressing who we are and what we feel our life is about. Working with the essence will enable you to reconnect to the love and joy that the Universe holds for you. When we can see, feel and touch that amazing beauty we are able to trust that we are always supported and encouraged; our only sense of alone-ness comes from our inability to believe and trust in the cushion of light that flows within and around us at all times.

As we acknowledge the faith that the Universe has in us, and as our thoughts reflect that knowing, then we open our hearts to receive all that Universe wishes to direct to us – abundance in all its forms.

CREATE… Inspiration

Trust that your ideas are divinely guided; allow them to flow forth and manifest

This essence was created to enable us to strengthen our senses of clairaudience (listening), claircognizance (knowing), clairsentience (feeling or sensing) and clairvoyance (seeing). So often, our guides, angels and higher selves answer our prayers and requests for help but we do not recognise or dismiss as imagination the inspiration, information and guidance that they bring through.

Work with this essence to gain a stronger sense of communication with your guides. Allow yourself to trust your inspired thoughts and feelings and as you do the inspiration you receive will become clear and gain clarity, illumination and detail. Allow yourself to trust in your hopes and dreams and bring them to manifestation for they are all divinely guided and assisted.

CREATE… Connection

Renew your belief in All That Is, know that it is part of you as you are part of it

When we accept that we are part of everything around us and everything around is part of us, then it is impossible not to feel a profound sense of joy, amazement and humility at the sheer perfection of every living thing and energetic being. It also enables us to realise that we are past, present and future – already at any given moment in time we are all that we have ever been and could ever be and that there is no greater moment than NOW.

CREATE… Connection enables us to realise the total perfection of time and space and that we can transcend both. As each of these precious moments of connection build one upon then other, then we truly begin to walk in harmony with our soul and begin the process of reintegrating our soul energy fully back into our physical selves.

Working with the Essences

It is recommended that these essences be used singly. Essences can be taken internally but it is recommended that they be used energetically – in the aura or on specific chakra points. A few drops could also be placed in the bath, on pulse points or on a pillow.

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  1. Please could you keep me updated with your newsletter and I am very interested in the “Essences” you have created and would like to know if you can buy them online.Thank you Clare


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