Creating An Essence Workshop

I am delighted to offer an incredible day where you will learn about essences and make your own to take away with you.

Essences are water that holds the energetic signature of a particular plant, crystal, colour, flower or other vibrational energy.

Water is known to have memory (Masuru Emoto has done significant work on this) and as such it responds to whatever it comes into contact with, holding the energy imprint of that item. Our bodies are made up of a significant amout of water – one of the reasons that affirmations are thought to be so effective is that the water in our bodies responds positively to the uplifting affirmative statement.

Essences work on the soul, spirit and emotional levels of our being. They can support us in times of distress and challenge by gently enabling our equilibrium to reassert itself. They can help us to recognise negative or limiting thought patterns or behaviours and can support us through the necessary changes we need to make to experience a greater sense of harmony and well-being in our life.

Essences can also challenge us to sit up and take notice of our spirituality and its’ ever constant knock on our door, encouraging us to engage with our soul and spiritual centre and enabling us to face our fears whilst doing so.

Essences are magical tools – I have worked with them for over 12 years now and have my own range – The Angelic Signature Essences and the CREATE Essences – both of which have been used all over the world so I am super excited to be able to offer this opportunity to you to create your own!

During the day we’ll look at what essences are, how they work and how to attune to them and then we will set about making yours! To enable you to get the most from the day we’ll be working towards making either a sacred space essence or a personal empowerment essence but don’t worry, these are not ‘set pieces’ and each will absolutely be attuned to what you need.

Due to the nature of the workshop spaces are strictly limited so do book in good time to ensure your space. All the tools you require, including your bottle for storing your essence, for the day will be provided but I would ask you to bring a suitable bowl to make the essence in – glass, wood, brass etc but not plastic please!

Date: Sunday 24 May 2020
Time: 10am to 4pm
Venue: Silk Willoughby Village Hall, Sleaford NG34 8PG
Investment: £60.00 (a £25 deposit is required when booking with the balance due by 1 May). A paypal link is below, or please contact me for other payment methods (

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Deposit of £25