Crystal Therapy

A one year course (** please see below for a 4 day Intermediate Course) is aimed at students who wish to have a thorough understanding of crystals for themselves or so that they can gain insurance and practice at professional level as a Crystal Therapy Practitioner. The course is held over 12 days. The one-year course offers a qualification to Certificate Level enabling the student to practice professionally but a second (Diploma Level) year is also available to those wishing to take their knowledge and understanding a stage further.


Module 1 – Introduction to Working with Crystals

Describe what Crystal Therapy is simply and easily to a layman. · Put together a presentation which explains how crystals work. · Why do crystals need cleansing? · How can you cleanse them? · What are the benefits and disadvantages of various methods? · What does charging or energising a crystal entail? · List methods for charging · What is programming or attuning? · What procedures should be followed each time you work with crystals? · Describe the following techniques: a) Pyramid; b) Seal of Solomon · Explain centering and grounding. Give at least three methods that aid these processes · Give three simple layouts that can be used for balancing, grounding, healing, etc.

Module 2 – Crystallography

Describe the basic make-up of the earth (core, mantle, etc) and either draw or write about how the Rock Cycle works. · Present simple diagrams of each main crystal system and give examples of crystals which take each form. · For each crystal named, give the chemical formula and the place in the world where the substance is commonly found. · Explain the Moh’s scale, giving crystal examples for each level. · Complete a minimum of five Crystal Attunement Sheets. · Be able to understand and operate within Health & Safety Guidelines.

Module 3 – Subtle Energy Systems of the Body

Know the positions, functions and symptoms of disfunction of the chakras. · Know the methods of using crystals with chakras. · Understand the Subtle Body System and how to work with it using crystals. · Know the placement and correspondence of meridians and how to work with them. · Know the ways of protecting and clearing the aura.

Module 4 – Practicalities of Healing

Know at least three relaxation techniques and how to introduce them to clients. · Know ways to restore everyday consciousness and awareness to an individual after a healing session. · Know methods to earth and centre an individual. · Understand healing crises and how to deal with them.

Module 5 – Crystal Healing

Know how to prepare both yourself and a client for crystal healing. · Understand and explain different theories about how crystal healing works. · Understand how to keep accurate records and case histories. · Create your own consultation form. · Know crystal healing techniques other than those used on the subtle energy systems. · Use of crystals in absent or distant healing session. · Self healing with crystals.

Module 6 – Revision and Free Choice

Topics are chosen by the group but could include any of the following: Sacred geometry and crystals · Gem essences · Colour and crystals · Space setting and clearing with crystals · Energised sprays and creams with crystals.

Please note that you also need to gain an anatomy and physiology qualification, if you do not already hold one, during the course in order to receive your licentiate certificate upon course completion.

Investment: £780.00

A deposit of £120.00 secures your place. The balance of fees is due 2 weeks before the course commences. Payments in installments can be arranged.

**Intermediate Course – Four Days
This is a four day course, covering Modules One and Two, and some of Three from the full year course. This intermediate course enables you to gain insurance to incorporate cystals into existing therapies, so for example to be able to use them in a reiki session and be insured to do so. This is an ideal course if you are not sure that you wish to be an independant Crystal Therapy Practitioner or if you are unsure of whether you wish to commit to the full one year course. You do have the option of continuing onto the full course if you so wish at the end of these four days. Please note that this four day course does not qualify you as a independant Crystal Therapy Practitioner.
The Intermediate Crystal Therapy Course is recognised by the FHT, CTHA and Guild of Holistic Therapists. The full course is recognised by CTHA, Guild of Holistic Therapy and CNHC.

Investment for the Intermediate Course: £280.00

A deposit of £80.00 secures your place. The balance of fees is due 2 weeks before the course commences. Payments in installments can be arranged.

Next start date for both the Full and Intermediate Course: Late May 2015

Booking forms for both the Full and Intermediate Course can be found below:

Enrolment Form One Year Crystal Therapy Course

Enrolment Form Intermediate Crystal Course

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