Enjoy        Inspire        Heal

Development Programme 

Please note that my mediumship development programme, which is usually run as a progressive group once a month on a Saturday, is currently on hold.

Development Group – Trance Mediumship

Trance Mediumship group runs on Wednesday evenings in Waddington from 7pm to 9pm on a schedule of a month on/ month off – therefore some blocks are 5 weeks and some 4 weeks.

Trance group runs through May (5 Wednesdays), July (5 Wednesdays) and September (4 Wednesdays) for the remainder of 2019.

Whilst the main aim of the group is to develop your link and partnership with Spirit and with your spirit team through the medium of trance, moving into the altered state and enabling your trust in Spirit to develop further and therefore allowing them a greater level of influence, we will also be looking at automatic/ inspired writing, trance communication, inspired art and other forms of spirit inspired work through the trance state as and when appropriate.

Please contact me (details above) to enquire or for further details.

One to One Development Tuition and Online Development Group

In addition to the group development sessions above, I also support students with one to one development tuition and based upon their personal needs, aims and challenges. Sessions can be carried out in person or via skype.

Please contact me to discuss your specific requirements; a general guideline for fees is £75 per two hour session.

I am currently in the process of developing an online platform for a group development programme – please contact me if you are interested and I will update you when more details are available.

Enjoy, Inspire, Heal – a key aspect of working with spirit is to enjoy it – and to enjoy spirit themselves: their love, their vibrancy, their peace, their grace and their non-judgement. Working with spirit should be inspiring – for both you and for others. Allow spirit to inspire your voice and your life and as you do, allow doors to open that you would not otherwise of thought of, or believed you could walk through. Working with spirit brings profound healing to those who need it: through specific communication from spirit for their loved ones; through the knowledge that the soul is forever eternal; and also through the words of love and joy that spirit bring that resonate with you and with others. The vibration of spirit is joy, inspiration and healing on all levels – allow them to touch you with all aspects of their being.


For information about sittings please see the Consultations page.

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