I feel very blessed to have been able to embrace so many different areas of spiritual, personal and professional development. My mediumship work has covered serving spiritual centres and churches for their divine service, special events and running workshops, platform demonstrations to the public and for charities as well as one to one sittings.

I feel that developing mediumship is a beautiful gift and a life-long partnership with, and commitment to, the spirit world and to Spirit. It also brings responsibility as many clients that seek mediumship are grieving or going through periods of personal or spiritual distress. Seeking communication from loved ones in spirit can be a desperate salvation or a life line that people need at these times and as mediums, we all need to work responsibly, compassionately and with appropriate respect for both spirit and client, whether we are already working professionally or sitting in development.

My development includes sitting in development circles, undertaking workshops and courses with well-respected and established mediums  and tutors as well as attending training at Arthur Findlay College, Arthur Findlay Centre and The College of Psychic Studies. In July 2016 I was awarded the Gordon Higginson Memorial Scholarship from the Spiritualists’ National Union. I believe that no medium should sit on their laurels – if we have a true understanding of Spirit and a commitment to honouring the spirit world and those they wish to evidence their survival to, then we should know that mediumship is a process of unfoldment which takes place over time – each medium develops differently depending on who they are and where they are in their experience of life and of themselves. Every medium has a responsibility – to themselves, to Spirit and to their clients – to continue to develop, to learn, to grow; to endeavour to allow an ever greater unfoldment of their mediumship, knowing and trusting that there is always more that can be developed, always a better level to be achieved within their mediumship.

At its very best, mediumship can evidence spirit so wonderfully that it can feel as though you are having a conversation with your loved one; their essence a tangible and irrefutable experience. All sittings for mediumship should be inspiring and life-enhancing. And while the spirit world don’t always bring through what we want they do bring through what we need.

I feel very privileged to be able to work with spirit this way and I am eternally grateful for their trust, grace and guidance.

For information about development you can click here, and for information about consultations please click here.

What is Mediumship?

The SNU (Spiritualist’s National Union) of which I am a member, classifies mediumship as ‘evidence of the existence of the Spirit within us all and the continuation of every individual soul beyond physical death, irrespective of nature or belief’. The medium’s purpose therefore is to provide evidence of the survival of consciousness after death of the physical body and thereby evidence the continuation of life.

In practical terms, I would describe mediumship as the bridge between us and spirit. It evidences that our loved ones exist in a different form of energy and on a different plane from ourselves – in the spirit world- and it does this by enabling those loved ones in the spirit world to share information and memories with their loved ones here on the physical plane. Information generally given from a spirit contact during mediumship may consist of, but is not limited to:

  • their physical description
  • relationship and information about the family
  • health issues or method of passing
  • significant hobbies or memories
  • little foibles that are specific to them
  • their life and their likes or dislikes, their passions and loves
  • general information about their life, or information about you
  • gossip, chit chat and general conversation
  • personality traits
  • guidance or advice (theirs, not the medium’s) or message

However each spirit contact and medium is different, and they will work differently together bringing through information that is unique to their particular partnership.

Most of the mediumship that is practised publically and that we might come into contact with in services, demonstrations or sittings is classified as mental mediumship; that is it is the essence of the spirit contact blending with the essence of the medium so it is the consciousness of the spirit contact blending with the consciousness (i.e. conscious awareness) of the medium. Through this process, the spirit contact is able to impress upon the medium that which they wish, and are able, to share – all of this happens at a clairsentience (feeling or sensing) or claircognizant (knowing) level however, depending on the particular medium’s senses and awareness, those impressions may translate through the medium’s consciousness into clairvoyant images or clairaudient thoughts or words. At a spiritual level it all happens through the consciousness of both spirit and medium and therefore mentally as our consciousness is a level of intelligence and awareness that continues after death of the physical body.

There are other forms of mediumship such as physical mediumship but this is increasingly rare. The dedication required to develop true physical mediumship means that it is a very specialised field. Trance mediumship is also an aspect of mental mediumship as it is a blending of consciousness.

Most mediums will work in a variety of ways – so, clair-voyantly, -sentiently, -audiently and -cognizantly, but will often have a particular strength in one area more than another and their particular strengths will also dictate the information that the spirit contact is able to give them to bring through for the recipient. It is, therefore, important if attending a private sitting or demonstration to keep an open mind about what information the spirit contact will bring through as well as the actual contact themselves as a contact with a specific loved one cannot be guaranteed.

Those in the spirit world are energy (through the death of the physical body their consciousness has changed form) but they absolutely have personality (generally recognised as the same personality they had when living) and it is those traits that can bring the essence of your loved one into being through a mediumship contact. As a medium I always work with the aim of wanting to be able to bring your loved one to ‘life’, both for you and also for them.

For those of you who are not familiar with mediumship and are wondering about whether a demonstration is right for you to attend, or whether a one to one sitting is something to consider, please consider that mediumship evidences survival of the spirit after death  – that is the essence and the point of spirit communicating with us in this way. You would inevitably be disappointed with any mediumship sitting if your aim was to receive information about your future, how many children you might have, who you might marry etc. No spirit contact will tell you what to do, for your life and choices are your responsibility and no responsible medium would suggest that this might be the case or point of a sitting.

That said those in the spirit world can and do bring through support, comfort and advice that may be inspirational, informative, directive and heart-warming; they are with you and when you are struggling they want to help, as they would have done when on the Earth plane, in the best way that they can. However any guidance or advice will be their opinion on your circumstances and your potential.

Mediumship is always experiential and no results, specific contact or specific information can be guaranteed.

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