Spiritual Assessment Package

Understanding where we are developing our work with Spirit, how to do that and what next steps to take is often something that we all think about and desire to have a greater level of clarity about.

As a medium, I have offered Spiritual Assessment consultations as part of my work for some time and now in order to support the greater development of your work with Spirit, I’m delighted to offer a Spiritual Assessment Package:

  • Four Spiritual Assessment consultations, approximately once every three months, over a period of 12 months
  • A review of the outcome of the spiritual assessment to specifically align the guidance from spirit with action – this might include looking at what development is available/ suitable to you, avenues/pathways that you need to start putting into place yourself, looking at challenges and/ or mindset/ personal limitation issues

It is wonderful to receive confirmation, validation and guidance from Spirit as to your next steps along your development pathway but we all live life and it is not always easy to find the time to follow through, nor to find the appropriate avenue to do so.

I’m passionate about Spirit and I am truly delighted to be able to help you to actually take action along your path.

If this opportunity to work with me resonates with you, then please book by clicking on the paypal link below, or feel free to contact me (ntonsager@gmail.com) to arrange a time to chat about the package to identify if it’s the right opportunity for you.

Nicola x

The Details:

  • Four one hour appointments, approximately three months apart, over a period of 12 months to include:
    • a 30 minute spiritual assessment sitting at each appointment
    • a 30 minute strategy/action session at each appointment to align the guidance from the sitting with actions/ support/ opportunities that you can take to support the guidance from Spirit
    • An action plan emailed to you following the appointments to remind you of key outcomes and things to work on between sessions

Appointments can be in person at my home or via skype/zoom


£229.00 for the package, which can be paid in its entirety when booking or via instalments* of £100.00** and then two instalments of £64.50 taken three and six months later respectively. Paypal links are below or you can contact me to pay by BACS.

*Payment via paypal is by subscription and therefore your second and third instalments will be taken automatically at month 3 and month 6 – a link will be sent to you to confirm and agree. If you would prefer to pay the remaining instalments via BACS please contact me for details.

**The first instalment of £100.00 is payment for the first appointment and part of a non-refundable deposit for the package

Full Payment