Spiritual Retreat 2018


Once again, I am truly thrilled to be able to share details of my annual spiritual retreat. This 5th annual Spiritual Retreat will run over the weekend of 9th to 12th November 2018. And once again the location will be near Danby in the majestic North Yorkshire Moors National Park.

The retreat will run from Friday afternoon through to Sunday evening (with departure after breakfast on Monday morning), and I hope, as with previous years the retreat will allow us to envelope ourselves in the energy and abundance of our spirit.

The dictionary lists ‘retreat’ as, amongst others: the act of withdrawing, as into privacy or seclusion; a period of retirement for religious exercises or meditation.

It is an opportunity to take time out of our usual day to day experience to connect with ourselves, nurture our spirit and allow ourselves just to be who we are with no expectations from ourselves or others.

The theme for this retreat will be healing and allowing our inner Goddess to shine.

There will be a programme of work for the retreat so that we can spend time working energetically and spiritually to this benefit, giving us the opportunity to go within, connect with our self and allow whatever needs to be acknowledged, supported and healed. And as this retreat will hold a healing theme, there will be time spent in healing sessions – be that journeying with our spirit and our soul energy; clearing and balancing energy; releasing and accepting and just allowing ourselves to be. 

This retreat is your time to simply be you – the you that your soul and spirit need you to be.

Whilst the work and process of the weekend will only come fully into being and be specifically determined once those that are drawn to it have booked and committed their energies – the collective aim for this year’s weekend is already determined – are you ready to recognise, understand and accept your wonderful wholeness of being?

Blessings to you

Nicola x

Booking Process: Please contact me in the first instance to check availability and if your preferred accommodation is available; if it is not you will be advised of the options remaining. Your booking will then be held for 10 days to allow for receipt of the booking form and deposit, which must accompany your booking form; you will receive a written acknowledgement confirming your booking.

Please note that there are no single rooms available; if you would prefer this please do mention it when booking and should there be availability for a single room occupancy as we approach the weekend, this will be offered on a first booked/requested basis and will carry a £25pp supplement.

2018 Retreat Booking Form – PDF

Word version of booking form is below if you wish to complete and email over to ntonsager@gmail.com:

2018 Retreat Booking Form – Word version

Retreat Venue


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