‘…Guilty feet have got no rhythm…’

I wanted to have a look at the aspect of Guilt – a truly spiritually disempowering strategy if ever there was one. Like the words of the song ‘I’m never gonna dance again, guilty feet have got no rhythm…’ guilt strips away every atom of self-belief that we may have had and leaves us with nothing.

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Shedding our Autumn leaves…

I love Autumn! I love the change as we move from Summer into Autumn. The change from Autumn to Winter doesn’t seem to be quite so definitive does it, we just seem to slip quietly into the winter period almost recognising it with hindsight.

For me, we have the recognition as Autumn moves in of changing clothes over and popping summer things to the back of the wardrobe; putting the heating on or beginning to light the fire; cosying up as the evenings start to draw in; that sense of the darker mornings and darker starts to the evenings. Continue reading

Change – It is inevitable

Change is the only constant in life, in the life we experience. Why? Because inherently we are energy, we are energetic beings and energy is never still. It is always flowing, moving, dancing, shifting, interacting and much more…but it is never still, never static, never un-moving.

Imagine an astronaut in his spaceship – and without his gravity boots (!) – and what does he do? He floats. And as he floats he does not remain in one position. He swirls, turns, rotates. He moves constantly. As energy does. As our energy does.

We tend to fear change as we see the consistency and the constancy of our life as safe and secure and we see unplanned and uninitiated change as taking that away. Continue reading