The journey is always you

Well, it has been a serious while since my last blog post folks and life has been a funny old thing these past few months hasn’t it? It never ceases to amaze me how we are always reminded, when we have the opportunity to quiet our mind and reflect, that the journey is always about us and that the destination is always moving deeper into ourselves, moving deeper into being.

I think we sometimes forget just how long changing aspects of ourselves takes, how much consistent effort is required to change a thought behaviour, an emotional response…and then just when we feel that we might have mastered it, something comes along not to trip us up but to enable us to check whether we have actually mastered what we think we have. Invariably we haven’t quite…and invariably some aspects of mental and emotional behaviours and responses will always be there lurking in the background and we will always have to be on the ball with making sure that we support new habits rather than slip back into old, and not as useful, ones.

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Path, Purpose, the whole kit and caboodle!

I get asked quite a lot how I know when I am on the right path, when I know how I am on the path that I am meant to be on or how I know when I am on THE path. I would love to be able to give you a definitive, rational explanation of that knowing. Unfortunately, I can’t.


Like most things spiritual, energetic, esoteric – there is no rational, sensible, understandable, definitive explanation. There just IS. There is a sense of knowing, a feeling, a fluttering of excitement that something just is SO right, fits SO into place and such is the strength of that knowing that no rational explanation can shift it! Continue reading