The Angel Garden

I founded The Angel Garden after starting to work intensely with angels. I was drawn to creating a place with my work with them in mind and I was given the name The Angel Garden. A key part of The Angel Garden is The Angelic Signatures™ – which I was given through channelling over a period of time. People often ask how they came into being, how I knew what they were and I can honestly say that there is no rational explanation – I just knew that the angel was giving me their signature and what I needed to do with them.

The Angel Garden’s work involves training to practitioner level in vibrational and holistic therapies, understanding and enabling deeper and more tangible connection to the support and love that is the Angelic Realm (primarily in my work through the Angelic Signatures™) and tools and workshops to support the individual on the unfoldment of themselves and the understanding and engagement of and in their journey. The aim? To support the individual as they begin to open the door to connecting with their spirit, recognising their unique and beautiful soul, and its perfect but individual journey.

If you have read about me in the ‘About..’ page then you will know that my training began with Crystal Therapy – I have also gained immense joy from working with crystals and also with the generous collective that is the crystal skull consciousness. I believe that crystals are an ever engaging, ever-expansive form of energy to which we have a natural and profound connection – and crystals have an immense ability to push, support and guide us. Crystal skulls have been re-borne to us over the past few years to assist in the illumination of our path and our past. They hold the energy of, and allow us to communicate with, a vast energetic collective which supporting our journey back to light. It is my belief that so many are among us now because we have reached a certain level of spiritual attainment and we are ready to fully commit ourselves to our path. Crystal and crystal skulls can guide us toward an awareness of universal consciousness, enable us to integrate aspects of that energy within our own energetic system.

As crystals are borne out of the Earth, working with them enables a perfect connection between Heaven and Earth, strengthening our energy and our ability to connect with greater levels of light. May they illuminate your being as they have mine.

Although I have stepped back from running practitioner training as regularly as I used to, you can still undertake the following:

  • Angelic Signature Healing™
  • Crystal Therapy
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Reiki

I produce a range of vibrational essences to support personal and spiritual development. Essences work on our subtle energies. The ranges I offer are:

  • Angelic Signature™ Essences
  • Chakra Essences
  • CREATE…Essences

One of the things that I have realised as my journey, and myself have unfolded is that change is always around the corner. Trust in your direction at this moment, follow it with all of your energy and passion but always be mindful of new directions that the universe is showing to you – and don’t be afraid to step back from what you know to allow something new to step in. Blessings xx

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