The Celebrating Spirit Membership

I am so excited to introduce:

The Celebrating Spirit Membership

Your online monthly membership to support your development with Spirit and your personal spiritual development

Would you like to be part of an incredible community? Would you like to be supported in your development with Spirit and with your own spiritual development?

Then come and join us in The Celebrating Spirit Membership – Doors are opening very soon…

I am passionate about Spirit – and about our spirit and I know that spiritual development is the key that opens up the opportunity for us to embrace all that we are…and to embrace all that Spirit is, whether we take their work forward or whether that means trusting in their support and guidance as we move through our life in the best way for our soul’s expression.

I feel closest to Spirit when I am teaching and I know that’s my path, but I also know that not everyone has the time or the availability to work with me directly, to join a development group or even to undertake regular courses in spiritual or self-development. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a wonderful community to guide, support, empower and enable?  To help you expand into the amazing potential that is there, waiting for you to realise it?

Welcome to The Celebrating Spirit Membership.

I am so excited to be able to bring this to you. The people we interact with are so important – they can lift us up or they can pull us down and, especially when we are starting out on the journey of spiritual or self-development, it can be difficult to truly allow ourselves to be open and curious, to explore and experiment when we don’t have a safe and supportive space in which to do that.

The Celebrating Spirit Membership is that space. Let me share everything that I’ve learned through my journey, my pathway so far – Spirit, Energy, Self, Life. Let me hold space for you as you journey further into yourself and into Spirit. Let me support your development and help you to reach for the potential of all that you are.

I know that this is the beginning of something incredible. Are you ready?

For those of you that don’t know me, I’m Nicola Tonsager. I’m a medium and I also teach mediumship and trance mediumship.  I hold a Certificate in Education from the University of Huddersfield and I have been teaching for over 13 years, and teaching spiritual development for over 8 years. Breathe Light Live Love is a mantra given to me from Spirit to demonstrate the importance of connecting with our Spirit – breathing light into who we are and living the love that is our divine essence. So including personal development along with spiritual development is a key aspect of the way that I teach.

Some of you may already know me, or may have followed my work – if you don’t though, I live in the UK, I have a dog named Flynn, two cats, one of whom is a siamese and very vocal (!) and I have a mug fetish! Yes, the kind you drink out of…I can’t pass a good crockery shop without rocking in to see what they have! The one below is my current favourite…

Nicola Mug Shot!

Celebrating Spirit is my amazing membership – creating the space and opportunity for you to develop within yourself and with Spirit. If you are ready to take the next step then join our amazing community and let’s get started!

What is in The Celebrating Spirit Membership?

  • Join me LIVE every month for a Q&A! Yes, ask me your questions!
  • Priority access to 5 Minute Mediumship – my video series to support your development as a medium. You’ll get the videos a week before they are published on YouTube and my Facebook Page
  • Access to 5 Minute Mediumship Development Group Teaching – a brand new series, just for The Celebrating Spirit Membership, to support you if you are setting up or starting to teach a development group
  • A monthly mantra or meditation to support your self and personal development, to help you align, understand, heal and release
  • A monthly energy forecast to support you in navigating the energies of the month to your best advantage
  • My very well known ribbon and card readings – two a month on the new moon and full moon days!
  • A weekly focused development prompt to keep you on track and to keep you developing
  • A monthly training class on a host of aspects of Spirit work – from meditation to sitting in the power, from mediumship to trance, to managing your energy and everything in between!
  • Priority access to my mentorship and teaching programmes – learn about them here first before they’re open for booking anywhere else!
  • An affordable monthly fee – and NO contract
  • The opportunity to join a wonderful community, to connect and collaborate with people on the same journey as you!

And I’ll be active regularly in the membership to support you, empower you, champion you.

This is the most accessible and in-depth way to work with me outside of my mentorship and teaching programmes.

Do you want to…

Receive support and guidance to grow, develop and expand in your potential?
Expand your learning and development with Spirit?
Network, learn and develop with people on the same journey as you?
Move into starting to teach a development group?
Learn from an experienced medium, energy worker and tutor?
Explore your spirituality and spiritual creativity in a safe and supported space?

Then The Celebrating Spirit Membership is for you! Join us – community, connection, collaboration – for Spirit, for your spirit.


Join The Celebrating Spirit Membership as a founding member for just £29.00 per month – less than the weekly cost of a development group! – for the lifetime of your membership. This founding members introductory fee is only available if you join in the first two months.

The regular monthly fee for members joining from 1st June will be £39.00 per month, still an amazing price.

  • No contract and no cancellation fees – cancel at any time
  • Instant access
  • Resources updated regularly
  • Live Q&A
  • Regular training
  • Spiritual guidance and personal development support
  • Two readings a month

Are you ready to join us? Register your interest and be the first in line when the doors open!

What do people say about working with Nicola?

Lesley, Trance Mentorship Participant says:
“I’ve known Nicola for quite some time now, from first seeing her demonstrating and now experiencing her teaching over the past year in her trance mentorship programme.

In all aspects I have found her to be a passionate advocate for Spirit in all its forms, a brilliant and all encompassing teacher and a steadfast friend. Her level of understanding of the unique and individual relationship one has with Spirit comes from her own experience – she always comes from a point of what she herself knows and has experienced.  So therefore, was always very relevant to me as a blossoming trance medium and all the others in the group as we began to understand how we work with Spirit ourselves. She is the best of teachers because she opens the door to a new way of thinking and allows you to explore the ideas for yourself. 

If you are looking for a safe space in which to learn and grow, if you are looking for a teacher with integrity and commitment to you as a student, if you are looking to advance your work with Spirit and explore your potential, I can highly recommend Nicola Tonsager”.

Diane, Trance Mentorship Participant, says:
“Over the years I have sat in various trance workshops and spent time on residential trance retreats and courses; all the time I was moving forward but without a true deep connection to my trance spirit team until I sat with Nicola Tonsager… I felt completely safe comfortable and had belief in her guidance. This has been a wonderful year in which I have loved every moment of my trance work and now I feel very comfortable and confident in my own ability to strengthen this area of my mediumship journey. Nicola has been a totally supportive mentor in every way possible, she strives to help us attain our goals, it’s a privilege to work with this lady and she really cares. I am so looking forward to next year’s trance mentorship course.”

Fiona, Trance Mentorship Participant, says:
“I started the course with an open mind, not really knowing or anticipating how much I would be changing over the year both personally and spiritually. I met strangers and now have warm friendships with beautiful likeminded people.

Nicola’s link to spirit shines through her teachings, her passion is infectious and every development weekend you blossom a little more under her guidance.
Highly recommend this development programme on all levels. My relationship with myself is getting more healthy and my relationship with spirit feeds my inner light.”

Christine, Seminar Participant, says:
“I have got back home from a wonderful weekend of mediumship at Cober Hill, Scarborough with the lovely Nicola Tonsager. I feel iIhave learnt so much this w/e, things I already knew but now without questioning…..such a wonderful teacher….I now feel ready to move on. Nic always puts heart & soul into all her teaching….thank you for a fabulous w/e.”

Carolyne, Retreat Participant, says:
“I had been totally looking forward to the retreat but had no idea what was going to happen or what to expect.  I left feeling, the only way I can describe, as more spiritually alive and rejuvenated.  Whether a beginner, more advanced or just stagnated I would highly recommend working with Nicola. I felt safe and comfortable and I left feeling brilliant.”


How do I access the membership?
The membership is fully online so you need access to the internet. As soon as you are a member there is instant access and the membership has an easy to access dashboard which lets you know where to find everything!

How do I pay?
Payment is taken automatically by paypal when you join and on a monthly basis thereafter, on the same date as the date you joined. 

What if I don’t have a paypal account?
Don’t worry – you don’t need to have a paypal account. Once you click the link you can enter debit or credit card details.

How do I cancel?
Just let me know! Yes, it is that simple. Just drop me an email to let me know you wish to cancel and your membership will be cancelled from the expiry of your current monthly payment so if you joined on the 15th of the month, your membership will cancel on the next 14th so you will have full access for the current month that you have already paid for.

What if I can’t make the live sessions?
Whilst it would be absolutely great if you could join me for all the live sessions, I understand the demands of time, life and family so all the live trainings, Q&As or even impromptu lives will be recorded and available in the membership