Trance Mentorship 2020

I am delighted to once again be able to offer a trance mentorship programme. Commencing in 2020 the programme will run over five weekends throughout the year with support and online sessions in between the weekend face to face sessions.

What is mentorship? Mentorship is support and guidance over a set period of time, both in person but also via email, phone, online – i.e. away from but as well as the weekend sessions – to support your development and to enable growth and development specific to your needs and the needs of the spirit team working with you. There will be assessment periods to ensure your progress is being supported.

We will be sitting for spirit and sitting for you, we will be working with the modality most conducive to your support at this time and so are likely to be sitting for healing, speaking and communication dependent on needs.

During the course of these weekend sessions we will be:

  • Ensuring strong foundations on which to take your trance development forward
  • Enabling the greater development and trust between you and your spirit team
  • Supporting the refinement and development of your trance
  • Focussing on the particular abilities within your own energy at this time, how spirit want to support that development with you
  • Building confidence within the trance state and engendering your own greater understanding of trance within your own trance attunement and development
  • Developing your attunement to your team and the specific energies within it so that the blend becomes smoother, stronger and more sustainable
  • Allowing the development of spirit with you, through you and for both you and Spirit

There will be private facebook group for members of the mentorship programme to communicate, stay in touch and share anything that arises in between sessions. On alternate months to the group weekends, there will be a webinar or facebook live sessions to discuss any aspects of your development, ask questions or share experiences. I will also be available by email or phone for any support or questions.

The mentorship programme will run over the following five weekends:

15 & 16 February 2020
4 & 5 April 2020
13 & 14 June 2020
5 & 6 September 2020
7 & 8 November 2020

Numbers are limited and commitment is essential – whilst unexpected situations do arise, I would ask you to please ensure you can commit to all five weekends before booking.

Some comments from a few of 2019’s Programme attendees:

Lesley Curtis, Trance Mentorship Participant, says:

“I’ve known Nicola for quite some time now, from first seeing her demonstrating and now experiencing her teaching over the past year in her trance mentorship programme.

In all aspects I have found her to be a passionate advocate for Spirit in all its forms, a brilliant and all encompassing teacher and a steadfast friend. Her level of understanding of the unique and individual relationship one has with Spirit comes from her own experience – she always comes from a point of what she herself knows and has experienced.  So therefore, was always very relevant to me as a blossoming trance medium and all the others in the group as we began to understand how we work with Spirit ourselves. She is the best of teachers because she opens the door to a new way of thinking and allows you to explore the ideas for yourself. 

If you are looking for a safe space in which to learn and grow, if you are looking for a teacher with integrity and commitment to you as a student, if you are looking to advance your work with Spirit and explore your potential, I can highly recommend Nicola Tonsager”.

Diane Wright, Trance Mentorship Participant, says:

Over the years I have sat in various trance workshops and spent time on residential trance retreats and courses; all the time I was moving forward but without a true deep connection to my trance spirit team until I sat with Nicola Tonsager… I felt completely safe comfortable and had belief in her guidance. This has been a wonderful year in which I have loved every moment of my trance work and now I feel very comfortable and confident in my own ability to strengthen this area of my mediumship journey. Nicola has been a totally supportive mentor in every way possible, she strives to help us attain our goals, it’s a privilege to work with this lady and she really cares……. I am so looking forward to next years trance mentorship course…

Fiona Collier, Trance Mentorship Participant, says:

“I started the course with an open mind, not really knowing or anticipating how much I would be changing over the year both personally and spiritually. I met strangers and now have warm friendships with beautiful likeminded people. 
Nicola’s link to spirit shines through her teachings, her passion is infectious and every development weekend you blossom a little more under her guidance. 
Highly recommend this development programme on all levels. My relationship with myself is getting more healthy and my relationship with spirit feeds my inner light.”

Investment: £650.00 (a 5 month payment plan is available). A deposit of £150.00 is required when booking.

Venue/s: The venue will either be Silk Willoughby Village Hall near Sleaford or Waddington Community Hub, Waddington Village, near Lincoln, or a combination of both.

Travel: Sleaford train station is the nearest station to Silk Willoughby; Lincoln Central or Metheringham Station are the nearest stations to Waddington (both are a short cab drive away). Whilst buses do run, they are not regular and I would not recommend relying on bus services, particularly for the Sunday.

Accommodation: The mentorship is not residential, but should you wish to stay over there is a range of accommodation close by as well as a variety of places to eat dinner.

Booking: Please contact me in the first instance to arrange an informal chat over the phone. I will then send you a booking form and a place will be held for two weeks to enable it and your deposit to be received – or 07762 916335

Trance Mentorship Booking Form

Blessings, Nicola